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Seattle protest Capitol Hill
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12 SPD officers injured, several businesses damaged in demonstration

Protesters gathered in Capitol Hill. (SDOT)

Police say 12 officers were injured, several businesses damaged, and two people arrested during a large demonstration that began in downtown Seattle on Sunday.

A peaceful protest started in Westlake Park around 10:30 a.m. Sunday, but about three hours later a second group arrived carrying baseball bats. The large group of people started marching with some breaking windows and tagging buildings with paint as they moved along Fifth Avenue. After breaking windows at and tagging both the Seattle Police Headquarters and Seattle Municipal Court, the crowd moved northbound on Third Avenue.

On Third Ave. police say some individuals smashed windows, looted, and graffitied on the walls.

Once at the West Precinct, police say demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at the officers who were outside. Multiple officers were injured by multiple large mortar-type fireworks thrown at close range.

Police used blast balls and pepper spray to try to stop the crowd, according to SPD. Two people were arrested, one for assault and the other for theft.

The group made its way up to Capitol Hill where police say people committed more property damage and looting. A fire was set inside one of the businesses after the windows were busted out. Several people smashed the front windows at the East Precinct. Someone threw a large, mortar-type firework inside the precinct’s lobby, causing a small fire. It was quickly extinguished.

Once at Cal Anderson Park, the group of demonstrators dispersed.

Seattle Police Incident Commander said that individuals in the group appeared to be very organized. The actions appeared to be “a very concerted effort at property damage of certain businesses and government facilities.”

Live updates from Sunday:

7:22pm – KTTH host Jason Rantz tweeted video surveillance from the East Precinct showing some of the damage.

6:42pm – SPD reports a trail of property destruction from Westlake Park to the Municipal Courthouse.

6:22pm – A separate protest has begun in Wallingford, calling for Councilmembers Alex Pedersen and Debora Juarez to support a bid to defund SPD by 50%.

6:05pm – A small fire ignited by a device thrown into the lobby of the East Precinct has been extinguished. No injuries have been reported.

5:54pm – SPD reports that protesters have broken “several” windows of the East Precinct building. The crowd is moving back toward Cal Anderson Park.

5:46pm – The crowd is marching on Pine toward the East Precinct.

5:40pm – Protesters are now moving past 12th and Denny on Capitol Hill.

5:18pmSeveral windows at the Starbucks Roastery, as well as the Starbucks location on Pike and Broadway, have had their windows broken by demonstrators.

5:02pm – Protesters are now moving north on Broadway near Pine Street. SPD is advising people to avoid the area.

4:49pm – SPD reports two arrests were made outside of the department’s West Precinct building downtown, after protesters threw rocks, bottles, and “other items.” At least one officer has been transported to the hospital.

4:31pm – Protesters have crossed over I-5 on Pine Street and appear to be moving toward Capitol Hill. A line of police vehicles is trailing behind the crowd.

4:12pm – The crowd of demonstrators are now passing Yale and Denny. The Terry/Denny intersection is now open again.

4:07pm – Protesters are back on Denny Way, and are blocking the intersection at Terry Avenue.

4:05pm – Protesters are now moving south on Terry Avenue from Denny.

3:50pm – The crowd is now making its way east on Denny Way across Westlake Avenue.

3:46pm – Protesters have reportedly made their way past Amazon’s campus near 7th and Lenora.

3:35pm – Seattle police say there are reports of looting and property damage, and are advising residents to avoid the area if possible.

3:28pm – Demonstrators are moving north on 8th Avenue from Olive Way.


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