Loren Culp: ‘Spineless politicians’ giving in to defund police movement

Aug 19, 2020, 12:46 PM | Updated: 2:06 pm

Loren Culp...

Loren Culp at an election event. (Culp for Governor, Facebook)

(Culp for Governor, Facebook)

Loren Culp, the police chief in Republic, Wash., will be the candidate to go up against incumbent Governor Jay Inslee in an attempt to prevent him from getting a third term. He joined Seattle’s Morning News and discussed why he finds the defund police movement to be the wrong approach to reform.

“That’s pretty much the stupidest thing I’ve heard lately is defunding the police. Who are you going to call when someone is breaking into your home? Who are you going to call when someone’s being assaulted, or killed, or raped? A counselor? It doesn’t make any sense to defund the police,” Culp said.

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“Now there’s a small group of radical leftists that Jay Inslee supports that want to defund the police, and that’s not what needs to happen,” he added. “Our police officers go to work every single day, every single night, all year long, and they protect the communities that they live in, and they love … So a radical group of leftists want to scream and holler about defunding the police and spineless politicians give in to that.”

Did Culp support the Department of Justice in its investigation into the use of force by the Seattle police and some of the changes that were made?

“Any time there’s a claim that the police are using excessive force then it should be investigated. And for anyone to say that the police are racist in Seattle, then I would ask them to talk to Chief Best because I don’t believe that Chief Best would put up with racism. I don’t believe she’s a racist. So for the claims that the Seattle police are racist is absolutely ridiculous,” he said.

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“Whenever one does pop up or one commits a crime — a police officer, I’m talking about — then good police officers arrest them and put him in jail,” Culp said. “That’s what happened with the death of Mr. Floyd, and that’s what happens every time.”

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Loren Culp: ‘Spineless politicians’ giving in to defund police movement