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Ross: Virus is back, but now we have a chance to rewrite the ending

Seattle area businesses have been hit hard by coronavirus. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

As predicted, the virus is back; there are now better treatments for it, which is good, but hospitals are running short of beds again, so states are starting to reimpose restrictions, and a lot of people are already getting angry.

What I think we should all consider as we prepare to repeat the experience of last spring is that the anger didn’t work.

Now that I think of it, we actually had two separate nationwide anger outbursts: the anti-mask movement on the right, and the anti-police movement on the left.

The anger over masks obviously didn’t help end the pandemic, and the anger against the police, especially when it devolved into looting, got more conservatives elected to Congress in an election where Trump himself lost. And it also didn’t help stop the virus.

So, if we are destined to relive the past year, how about we do something different. As in cooperate.

Even if you hate facial modesty, why not run with it? Some of the new face bikinis now have embedded programmable LED displays. You could run a side-hustle selling advertising on your cheeks!

And as for street protests, how about a protest against small business bankruptcy? Buy stuff from the businesses that are still open. Clean up neighborhoods so customers feel safe.

The only thing worse than a re-run of last spring would be to re-live the same ending.

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