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WA mom and daughter taking kids’ Christmas wishes to Santa via Zoom

(Photo by Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images)

So many traditions are falling by the wayside this year because of COVID, including kids’ important Christmas visits with Santa. But you don’t need to worry, because one mom and daughter from the North Pole by way of Lake Stevens have found a way for kids to share their Christmas wishes with Santa on Zoom.

Adelheid Arbogast and her daughter Bronwyn the Elf joined the Gee and Ursula Show to discuss.

“Me and my mom were thinking up ways of how we could help the community during COVID. I came up with the idea of doing the Zoom calls with the youth so that I can take down their Christmas list and give them to Santa,” Bronwyn said.

She says kids are asking for plenty of “dolls, bikes, and video games.”

The idea sprang out of concerns from other moms on Facebook in Lake Stevens that kids wouldn’t be able to have the traditional Christmas visit with Santa during COVID.

“Some of the posts on Facebook had moms expressing concern that they won’t get to do those traditional visit with Santa at the local malls,” Adelheid added. “And I was reading some of those posts to my daughter and she said, ‘Oh, but we already know how to Zoom. So why don’t we just offer our community a visit and will give the list to Santa?'” she said.

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She says that those looking to get in touch can head to the Facebook mom and community pages in Lake Stevens and in Snohomish County, or send an email to [email protected]

Gee asked a very important question of Bronwyn: “Do the naughty kids still get coal in their stockings?”

“No, not anymore. We give them just at least one gift.”

Her advice for kids looking to stay off the naughty list? “Listen to your mom and do what you’re asked and don’t talk to strangers,” she said, giggling.

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