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Sneak Preview of KIRO’s Holiday Radio Play

"A Green & White Christmas" airs live on KIRO Radio on Dec. 17 at 8pm, featuring your favorite hosts and personalities.

This year’s holiday radio play, “A Green & White Christmas,” will be performed live on KIRO Radio on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 8 p.m.

On Monday night, two stars of the show — Dave Ross and Chris Sullivan – visited with Mike Lewis on KIRO Nights to perform a sneak preview of a scene from the play. The two seasoned radio thespians were joined for the brief performance by legendary broadcaster Frank Shiers as narrator; local vintage sound effects expert Curtis Takahashi; and writer/director Feliks Banel, KIRO Radio’s resident historian.

In the play, set in 1950s Seattle, Dave portrays a doorman at the old Seattle department store Frederick & Nelson, while Chris is the Frederick’s Santa Claus. When a family’s planned visit to the store on Christmas Eve is foiled by a snowstorm, hilarity and tear-jerking locally-based drama ensue. Also starring in the very large show are Ursula Reutin, Colleen O’Brien, Gee Scott, Aaron Granillo, Nicole Jennings, Mike Lewis, Hanna Scott, Meili Cady and Sean DeTore.

Ordinarily, KIRO Radio would be welcoming hundreds of listeners to watch the annual holiday play in person at Town Hall Seattle. However, due to the pandemic, this year’s performance will rely solely on the magic of radio (as well as those newer audio devices) to bring listeners together for the holiday fun, no matter where they may be.

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