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Ross: New QAnon theory shows why Senate needs to vote to convict Trump

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The stage is set for the big impeachment trial, which, depending on the political family you belong to, is either the only way to heal our divided nation or the thing that will tear us to pieces.

It’s true – there is a certain redundancy in removing a president who has already been removed.

But yesterday I noticed a headline that might make it a little less absurd.

It comes from the mysterious QAnon world that so many Trump supporters call home. According to a new report from Vice, there’s a QAnon claim going around that an act passed in 1871 dissolved the original U.S. government, so that everything since then has been illegal, yadda yadda yadda, bottom line being that Trump never was supposed to be inaugurated on January 20, and will instead be sworn in on the Constitution’s original inauguration day, March 4, which is why he never conceded, since this was the plan all along.

It may sound crazy, and yet – given the large number of people who sincerely believe this – I think it actually makes a conviction essential.

Because not to convict leaves open the possibility that someone just might thrust a Bible under Trump’s hand March 4.

For senators to give that kind of hope to the very people who came awfully close to dragging them out of their escape tunnels and stringing them up in the Capitol Plaza would be the biggest absurdity of all.

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