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Seattle jogger recounts attempted abduction experience in Lake City area

(KIRO 7 TV file photo)

A young woman was running in the Lake City neighborhood in Seattle early morning last week when she was randomly attacked in an attempted kidnapping, according to police. The investigation is ongoing, and police have been unable to find the attacker.

Laura Feet joined the Dori Monson Show to recount her experience after escaping the abduction attempt.

“I run the same route every day. I know that I’ve been warned against running the same route because people can plan attacks like that. But I’ve always felt really comfortable running the same route because it’s familiar, and it’s well lit, and it’s on main streets,” she said.

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“I was out on my regular run, and I was about two miles into it when somebody who was behind me covered my face with a sweatshirt and dragged me into the bushes,” she said. “We struggled for not very long of a time. It was pretty brief, but I don’t really remember very much of it. He got up and I was able to get up, and I saw him walking away. … I recognized him from passing him earlier. I think he had been following me for a mile.”

Feet says she screamed, fought, and did everything she could to get the guy off her.

“I don’t run with weapons because I don’t ever feel like I’m going to be expecting an attack,” she said. “So I didn’t have anything to try to fight back with. But I did kick a lot and I screamed for help. My arms were being held down, so I wasn’t able to do that.”

“But I was mostly trying to kick for his groin area or to kick him off me, or kick him in his gut, or to take the wind out of him or something,” she added. “I’m really glad he didn’t punch or hit me at all. He had no weapons on him that he used.”

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While she hasn’t carried any self-defense weapons before, she plans to as a result of this incident, though she remains scared of being by herself at night.

“I have been recommended a lot of different products since that happened. I haven’t decided on which one I feel the most comfortable with, but I absolutely will run with something now, and also be more aware of my surroundings so that I’m prepared to use it if needed,” she said.

“I’ve been running regularly for a couple of years now, and it takes away the freedom to leave my house and go for a run,” she continued. “Now I signed up for a gym, and I’m trying to get used to pounding out the miles on a treadmill. It’s so different to use the treadmill than it is to just go outside. I’m mostly comfortable all day long, but I am pretty terrified at night by myself.”

Feet told police that the man who attacked her in Seattle’s Lake City area was 5’8″, wearing a blue face mask, a dark-colored jacket with green sleeves and an orange hood, with a white hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

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