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Colleen Echohawk, Seattle mayoral race, mayor fundraising, missing texts
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These six candidates are pulling in the most money in the race for Seattle’s next mayor

Colleen Echohawk. (Echohawk for Seattle)

In early March, three candidates had jumped out to an early fundraising lead in the race for Seattle’s next mayor. Now, that list has grown to six candidates, with hundreds of thousands of dollars collected between individual contributions and Democracy Vouchers.

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Leading the way is homelessness advocate Colleen Echohawk, who has collected a combined $263,300 in Democracy Vouchers as of Monday morning, and over $21,000 in additional individual campaign contributions.

Andrew Grant Houston — interim policy manager for Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda — has maintained his early fundraising momentum, having pulled in $214,050 from 8,562 vouchers.

Council President Lorena Gonzalez has raised the third most in vouchers among the current crop of candidates at $129,700 spread across 5,188 vouchers. She’s raised an additional $44,432 in individual contributions.

Former Council President Bruce Harrell was one of the later arrivals to the Seattle mayoral race, having raised $105,542 in total donation dollars. Harrell has signed the Democracy Voucher pledge, but because he has not yet completed the qualification process, he’s not yet able to redeem the 2,171 vouchers his campaign has received so far.

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Sitting in fifth is former state lawmaker Jessyn Farrell, who has brought in $84,695. Over $31,000 of that came in the form of 1,246 Democracy Vouchers, with $53,545 in individual contributions.

Economic developer Lance Randall rounds out the top six at $34,588, all of which was collected from individual contributions. He’s also received 2,129 Democracy Vouchers but, similar to Harrell, he cannot redeem them until he completes the qualification process.

No other candidate has raised more than $5,000 to date. As of April 19, there are 15 total candidates registered to run for mayor in 2021.

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