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Ross: Another outbreak of liberal, conservative agreement on the vaccine

Sean Hannity on his Fox News show. (Getty Images)

On Fox News the other night, Sean Hannity did a segment on the CDC dropping its rules on outdoor masks.

One of his guests, Judge Jeanine Pirro, led off by saying Biden was just trying to change the headlines away from the border and the recent Colonial Pipeline hack.

“The truth is it’s distraction week for team Biden,” she claimed.

And their medical expert, Dr. Nicole Saphier, was also critical of the CDC, saying they should have announced that you could take off all masks, indoors and outdoors.

“The CDC is going to have to correct that,” she said.

So everybody on the segment started out critical of the new mask rule (which the CDC did later change on Thursday).

But when Hannity brought up the breakthrough cases, the vaccinated members of the New York Yankees who still tested positive for the coronavirus, and said he wanted to know how many people who get the vaccine might still get sick anyway, that’s when Dr. Saphier suddenly pivoted. She then started talking like Dr. Fauci, pointing out that the Yankees who tested positive had no symptoms, and that it actually proves the vaccine is safe and effective.

“The benefit far outweighs the risk when it comes to getting the vaccine,” she said.

She even went farther, saying we ought to just ignore the breakthrough cases.

“We don’t care — we weren’t trying to get to zero cases, we’re trying to save lives,” she noted.

So even the channel that believes Biden is addled, and that Fauci is one of the elitist lizard people, is spreading the message that everybody should trust the vaccine.

Even Sean Hannity’s expert is saying: Get vaccinated.

Although if you listen closely, you could hear the theme music creeping in as she was trying to get that message out – but she got it out!

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