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Ross: The best thing we can do right now is prepare for the next virus

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When President Trump blamed China for releasing the virus from a lab in Wuhan, most news outlets were skeptical, because Trump had based his campaign on punishing China, and a lot of people — including me — figured the attack on China was driven by politics, not evidence.

Well, now there appears to be evidence.

Even the Washington Post is saying maybe Trump was right after all, and there are stories explaining why they didn’t believe him then, but might believe him now.

Then, China responded with its own theory that the virus could have come the U.S. Lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

So this story instantly became a story … about the story. And when that happens, I ask myself, what is it we’re really trying to figure out here besides clever ways to say “I told you so”?

My approach to this is that there will be a new virus, and it will have to originate somewhere. Whether it’s released on purpose or by accident, the best thing us regular people can do is be prepared.

So, I look around at the grocery store, and what do I see? Hand sanitizer, which a year ago was like gold, and now it’s like a door prize. So buy some for next time.

And look what I found on Amazon – masks. Hospital masks. The real thing: The kind that protect you from a virus that doesn’t yet have a vaccine. N95 masks, NIOSH Certified, MADE IN USA, 10-Pack, were $28.99, now $19.99! Free shipping! 4.9 stars out of 5!

That’s $2 per mask. I now have 20 on the way.

So whether the next virus is released on purpose, by accident, or just hitches a ride on smoke particles from the next wildfire, I’ve got something it can’t penetrate, no matter who got the Wuhan story right.

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