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Dori: ‘Poo flingers’ prove government has priorities mixed

Many of the people staying outside the King County Administration Building were displaced when the Seattle Housing and Resource Effort, or SHARE, had to shut down several shelters for lack of money. (KIRO 7)

KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson says the City of Seattle and King County have their priorities mixed up and the proof is the crap people have to deal with in downtown Seattle.

“They have a big tent city encampment – sleeping bags, tarps tents on the plaza outside the King County building,” Dori said. “Now, the residents of that tent city have taken to throwing their feces at pedestrians walking below.”

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KOMO News reports that some of the tent residents have thrown trash, human waste, a bottle of urine, and cigarette butts over the edge of the raised plaza. The encampment around James Street and 4th Avenue was established as a protest after SHARE – a housing assistance organization – recently lost county funding. The tent city has been named “Tent City 6” by its residents.

County officials have spoken with some individuals in the encampment following the reports.

“A homeless person throws feces at a passing pedestrian and they talk to them. That is a wonderful approach,” Dori said sarcastically.

“Maybe it’s time to start prioritizing the poor business people of downtown Seattle who are trying to get to work and having crap thrown at them,” he said. “Maybe it’s time to start prioritizing those people instead of people in a tent city.”

City officials have said that while they sympathize with residents complaining about waste and needles littered around the city, there are limited resources to address it.

“In other words, more tax money,” Dori said. “Not addressing the problem, not evaluating crime to deal with the poo flingers and the syringe droppers — not going after them. But we must need more money to clean it up.”

Dori noted that he saw a billboard while driving into Seattle announcing that law enforcement is emphasizing speeding patrols for traffic violators.

“If they can raise revenues in a corridor where going 5 mph over the speed limit isn’t a big deal – that’s a priority,” Dori said. “The syringe droppers, the poo flingers, they don’t have time for those problems.”

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