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WSU is about to get an immigration wall of its own

A Trump supporter at UW shouts an answer to a question about how much Trump's wall is going to cost. "Less than keeping immigrants!" he responded. WSU Republicans plan to build a wall of their own soon. (KIRO Radio file photo)
LISTEN: WSU is about to get an immigration wall of its own

Last May, college Republicans at the University of Washington constructed a plywood wall in support of Donald Trump’s planned immigration wall on the Mexico border. Well, now there’s going to be one at Washington State University.

Supervising this will be James Allsup, chairperson of the Washington College Republican Federation and WSU College Republican president. He says WSU’s great wall will be built in early October.

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Allsup admits the 8-foot wall is nothing compared to the one Donald Trump wants to build along the U.S./Mexico border, but it’s the thought that counts.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources for that yet,” he said. “Mexico hasn’t paid us yet.”

The wall being built by student Republicans will be about representing toughness then?

“Sure,” he said.

You could argue that building a plywood wall does not reflect what people object to the most — a (dare I say it) Berlin-type wall that people say doesn’t really reflect what America is all about.

“Donald Trump won the primaries with a record number of votes,” Allsup said. “More people voted for him than any other Republican candidate.”

Allsup says there is strong support for Trump not just in the southern states but across the country.

“People want a stronger protection of the border,” he said.

But is he concerned he will offend the high number of Hispanic students at WSU?

There are “people with strong opinions on both sides, and I respect that,” Allsup said. “We’re aware there will be a counter-protest. But that’s OK. That’s what needs to be happening on college campuses.”

Listen to the entire conversation below.

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