Rantz: Democrats reject child marriage, but accept their gender reassignment

Jan 9, 2024, 6:05 PM | Updated: 6:35 pm

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Washington State Rep. Monica Stonier (D – Vancouver) speaking to a group at the Capitol. (Photo courtesy of Washington Legislative Support Services)

(Photo courtesy of Washington Legislative Support Services)

It’s another instance of Radical Left ideology getting in the way of sound legislation. Washington state Democrats rightly helped pass a bill outlawing child marriage. Yet Democrats endorse that same child starting the process of changing his or her gender without parental consent or knowledge.

House Bill 1455 prevents minors from consenting to marriage. The only exception is a 17-year-old with parental or guardian consent. Though child marriages have not been a major issue in Washington, there was concern that allowing for legal marriages between an adult and a child could be used by criminals to traffic kidnapped children in our state for sex. It was a long overdue and wholly uncontroversial move, which is precisely why it received unanimous support.

But why is it that Democrats don’t share the same concern for kids who have been convinced to change their genders?

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Here’s where Democrats don’t seem to care about a child’s well-being

Democrats pushed through an incredibly dangerous bill that allows minors to run away from home to receive so-called gender-affirming care without parental consent. Under SB 5599, the state is even barred from telling parents where their child is being housed while they receive gender-affirming care against their parent’s will.

Despite erroneous claims to the contrary by many Democrats, including the bill’s sponsor, minors would be allowed to receive gender-related surgical intervention. In debating the issue, they even did what they could to claim this was being done to protect children from abusive households. That, too, was a lie since there were already laws on the books to protect children in abusive households. Indeed, SB 5599 didn’t even require the allegation of abuse.

It passed on a party-line vote. It’s not subject to a voter-approved initiative during the next statewide election.

Democrats lack consistency because it doesn’t earn them political points

Young kids are vulnerable to manipulation by adults, particularly radical teachers, who seem hell-bent on convincing kids that gender is fluid.

Rather than merely be supportive of kids confused around gender — often confused by adults pushing the idea on them at too early an age — some adults try to convince kids to identify as a different gender. Many times they even talk with the child in secret, keeping parents out of the conversation entirely. It’s predatory and disturbing, yet Democrats pretend that not only does this not happen, your mere concern over its possibility is “anti-trans.” Get in the way of 16-year-old girls seeking top surgery, where her breasts are removed, you’re automatically deemed a hateful bigot who poses a real threat to a child. Merely ensuring a child is making the right decision by asking them to briefly pause their pursuit of gender-affirming care is seen by the Radical Left as abusive and they’ll let you know it.

This reflexive bullying is intentional; you’re never supposed to challenge a child who is committed to presenting as a different gender. Just don’t be fooled into thinking that the same child is old enough to consent to marriage — or drinking, smoking, getting a tattoo, or going to a tanning salon. Democrats passed legislation preventing all those acts while claiming a teen who commits mass murder a day before their 18th birthday doesn’t have the brain capacity to understand that it was wrong, so we must keep them from life sentences.

Social currency

But the bullying also earns Democrats social currency.

Radical Democrats can brag on social media that they heroically stood up for children against unevolved yokels who foolishly think there are only two genders and insist that the noise-shaped air “ze/zir” aren’t actual pronouns that should be legitimized (#ImAHero). Though polling shows the general public is rejecting gender extremism, Democrats don’t care about pleasing them. They’re looking to be accepted and honored by their small club of like-minded radicals.

They don’t earn these points by supporting child marriage. But supporting a child in receiving life-altering gender-affirming care without parental consent or knowledge? They’re viewed as heroes.

Democrats (and Republicans) made the right decision to ban child marriage. It’s in the best interest of children’s safety. Too bad they’re too radicalized to help kids deal with gender extremism, which is as or more dangerous an issue than child marriages are in Washington.

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Rantz: Democrats reject child marriage, but accept their gender reassignment