Illegal Queen Anne street takeover leads to driver ‘doing donuts’ around SPD vehicle

May 14, 2024, 7:18 AM

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Screengrab of illegal street takeover at Western Avenue and Elliott Avenue West in Queen Anne from video courtesy of KIRO 7

Seattle police responded to a street “takeover” in Queen Anne last Saturday to clear out the scene, only to be subjected to several “donuts” from one of the participating drivers.

Hundreds of people lined the sidewalks of Western Avenue and Elliott Avenue West at approximately 10:30 p.m. Saturday to watch the car show, which can be seen on KIRO 7.

Street takeovers involve several cars blocking traffic at specific intersections to speed and show off dangerous stunts like drifting with large crowds watching dangerously close to the action, typically filming the stunts for social media.

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“By definition, a street takeover involves the unauthorized commandeering of public roads for unregulated activities,” attorney William Kroger defined. “Often coordinated through social media, these events attract not just drivers eager to flaunt their automotive prowess, but also scores of spectators ready to document the spectacle, feeding the cycle.”

Washington law bans car sideshows, takeovers and meets with crowds while police continue to crack down on ones that draw in large crowds.

Seattle Police Department (SPD) claimed at least 500 people were present at this takeover event along with nearly 80 vehicles. As police arrived at the scene, one of the drivers drifted in circles around an SPD vehicle and, according to KIRO 7, someone also kicked the police cruiser in the process.

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“A lot of cars running around. My dog was barking at it,” Andres, a resident who lives near where the takeover took place, told KIRO 7. “I’d be worried if it was an every weekend kind of thing, for sure.”

No one was arrested in the incident.

Contributing: KIRO 7

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Illegal Queen Anne street takeover leads to driver ‘doing donuts’ around SPD vehicle