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Charge your shoes and protect them from Russian hackers

It’s been an eventful week watching the transition unfold, but let’s not forget that what really makes America the envy of the world.

That we never stop innovating.

The new Nike self-lacing sneaker called HyperAdapt: “When a user steps in, there’s a heal sensor that the lace sensor will run and tighten down. It’ll sense certain tension around your foot and it will stop.”

Dave’s commentary: AAA can’t expect us to get seven hours of sleep these days

HyperAdapt not only laces itself but can adjust itself to your foot in real-time, and has finally gone on sale for $720 a pair.

My wife’s immediate reaction was who would pay $720 for sneakers?

Interesting comment from someone with 30 pairs of shoes, I thought. Of course, I didn’t say that. But when you’re buying a shoe that adjusts itself in real time to your foot, you might not need so many shoes. Because these would always feel so incredibly comfortable, you’d never want to take them off. Plus, it’s cool to walk into a party and suddenly everybody’s playing at your feet.

The only drawback is they run on batteries, which need to be charged every two weeks.

So now, along with the smartphone, bluetooth, the laptop, the flashlight, the toothbrush, I have to make sure my shoes are charged.

If they’re not charged, they don’t work. And you can’t lace them manually. You’d need an emergency crank, which I don’t believe Nike supplies. They’re designed to link to your smartphone, so if they’re running low, they can alert you, assuming the phone is charged. But that means we have yet another gizmo that’s linked to the Internet. It’s one thing for the Russians to hack an election, but if they disable my shoelaces, I’m gonna be pissed off.

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