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Thanks to augmented reality, someday we’ll all live in Trump Tower

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has made it his mission to bring the world together, and that means going all in on “augmented reality.”

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As he explained it Tuesday, you could, for example, open your smartphone camera, aim it at your morning bowl of Hemp & Buckwheat flakes and then augment your drab reality by pressing the swimming shark icon.

“We made this more fun, let’s add some breakfast sharks swirling around my bowl,” Zuckerberg said.

There it is – you see a frenzy of sharks circling your bowl! If you want to play a game of chess as you eat: “We could just be sitting here and we want to play chess, snap, here’s a chess board and we can play together.”

You move the virtual pieces by reaching out into space as you watch on your phone –until your state outlaws holding your phone while eating breakfast.

In the meantime, get as crazy as you want.

“We can fill the room up with Skittles because the future is delicious,” Zuckerberg said.

Or spray graffiti on the walls. In fact, there’s now an augmented reality art wall at Facebook headquarters where you can only see the art by looking through your phone.

“We notice there are just people gathering around looking at blank walls,” Zuckerberg said.

Eventually we’ll all be wearing digital contact lens displays, so we can augment anything. You could be living under an off ramp – but with your “Trump Tower” app, you’d be surrounded by French furniture and married to Melania.

Nobody would even need clothes! Just the clothing app. I think it could work! As long as the weather’s warm and everybody promises to keep their contacts in. As I recall, somebody once convinced an emperor to try something similar.

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