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Anne Bremner calls attorney Beauregard a ‘real fighter’

(Courtesy of Anne Bremner)

Anne Bremner says she worked with attorney Lincoln Beauregard, who is representing the man suing Seattle Mayor Ed Murray for sexual abuse.

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“He worked in our firm many years ago as an intern,” Bremner told KIRO Radio’s Ron and Don. “I know Lincoln, I’ve worked with him and against him. He’s done very, very well. He’s a real fighter. He’s got a lot of passion and he’s gotten some very big judgments and settlements.”

Despite being a “real fighter,” Beauregard lost one round with the court on Thursday when a judge fined him $5,000 for ethical violations.

Bremner explained that there are a few things to consider in the case so far, in terms of how Beauregard was sanctioned.

The first thing to consider is a rule that says lawyers have to use the court system for purposes founded in fact and law. But the judge concluded that Beauregard was using the filing information with the intention that the media would eventually find and report it.

“What the judge said is that his filings often times were not even for a purpose to be heard before the judge or for legal purposes, but basically as a vehicle or means to disseminate material to the press,” Bremner said.

“The items that were attached in many ways didn’t relate to what was before the court … the judge said there were certain things that weren’t even brought before her,” she said. “If they weren’t brought before the judge … then they are for some other purpose.”

The second rule to consider:

“You can’t go out and pollute the record, so to speak, by basically trying the case in public that includes certain jurors who will hear the case,” Bremner said. “We want the case heard in a court room.”

A good example is the story of Murray calling Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole about a shirtless man in his yard, Bremner pointed out. Beauregard filed a motion with the court regarding the issue.

“Was there any motion before the judge that dealt with a shirtless man trying to get in the house to get his wallet and shirt? No,” Bremner points out. “So why was it part of a pleading? That’s what the judge’s position is.”

Beauregard said he will eventually fight the fine, but his priority is first fighting the case against Murray. The Seattle mayor has been accused of sexually abusing minors in the ’80s and is being sued by one of those men.

Beauregard said Thursday after the decision that he feels like he is being silenced, and that there is even more information that he wants out in the public.

“There’s a lot of important stuff that we have; even now we have a lot of important information to give out,” Beauregard said. “And I have to think about if we can … I have stuff that is really, really hot and I don’t know if I can give it.”

Listen to Anne Bremner discuss the issue below.

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