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  • Did the President of the United States just commit treason?

    The question for everyone now, is did that press conference give aid and comfort to Russia? Did the president adhere to our enemy?
  • Podcast host Adam Carolla wants Hungarian food for his last meal

    Adam Carolla's podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, is the most downloaded of all time, according to the Guinness World Records. He told Rachel Belle he wants Hungarian food for his last meal.
  • sun, Seattle

    The best things around Seattle are free

    From the sunshine, the views, the lakes, and the hikes, the best things around Seattle are free. And now is the time to take advantage of why we live in the Northwest.
  • amazon

    Hostility to Amazon now taking the form of graffiti in Seattle

    Graffiti criticizing Amazon has been springing up all over the City of Seattle, including images such as "Amazon Get Out," "Die Techie" and "I'd Tax That."
  • Don

    The very first Ron & Don Show that only one person heard

    Technically, the very first Ron and Don radio show was for an audience of one, in the middle of nowhere. But it started something between two friends.
  • seattle, police, spd, bias

    Considering bias as Seattle selects a new police chief

    All three candidates for Seattle police chief say they will not tolerate bias. Let's talk about bias for a minute. What does that really mean in Seattle?
  • shower thoughts

    Shower thoughts: Shout outs for Seattleites on the road

    Meditative thoughts on new clothes, Costco's Polish dog, a rescued in Thailand, Seinfeld is still amazing, and some shout outs to a few Seattleites on the road.
  • carmen best

    Does Durkan get credit for changing her mind?

    Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan got it wrong about not considering Carmen Best for the police chief job and changed her mind, but did it in the most politician way you can think of.
  • Seattle mermaids share their magic with a sick little girl

    Seattle has a pod of mermaids (duh) that swim in local pools, lakes and rivers. When a local mom discovered Seattle Mermaids, she asked them to surprise her six year old daughter, who has been fighting leukemia, with a swimming party.
  • mister rogers

    Mister Rogers is the ultimate anti-hero America needs right now

    Fred Rogers was the anti-hero that America needs most today. That's right. Mister Rogers, who reminded us to love, listen and be kind to each other.
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