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Sick of being tracked by Google? Pay with cash

We all know Google tracks what you search for, what web pages you visit, and what YouTube videos you watch. But at a marketing conference for its advertisers this week, Google unveiled a tool that combines all that data with information on your movements from Google Maps and your credit and debit transactions.

“We have partnerships that cover 70 percent of credit and debit card transactions in the US.”

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They can track how much you spend! And as I watched the speeches, I realized Google isn’t just a search engine. It’s a mind-reading service.

It tells advertisers what you were thinking and what you bought after thinking it! Which helps businesses choose the words and pictures most likely to get you to spend money.

“You can now stay on the journey with your customers.”

So you say, “Dave that sounds a little creepy.” I know! But at the conference, they were very clear.

“I want to reinforce that we have, and always will, make sure that we put user privacy, transparency, and control first and foremost.”

It’s simply about understanding the customer better.

“And understanding each of us for who we are. What we want, what we like, our history, our context — and putting all of that together to make magical moments like this — connecting users with brands like you.”

There it is.

Google’s corporate code begins with the words “Don’t Be Evil.” But it says nothing about being nosy. If that bothers you, you can always go back to using paper maps, and pay for everything in cash.

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