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Robert E Lee statue
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President Trump believes Charlottesville demonstration was about a statue

(File, AP Photo/Julia Rendleman)

Here’s part of what the un-telepromptered President Trump said Tuesday.

“There were people in that rally — and I looked the night before — protesting, very quietly, the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee.”

He thinks the Charlottesville demonstration was about a statue. Like his son’s meeting with a Russian lawyer was just about adoption.

“You had a lot of people who were there to innocently protest,” Trump said of the demonstration.

But those innocent people were also there to hear a speech from Richard Spencer.

When the president asked a reporter to define the alt-right, the answer was Richard Spencer, who leads the alt-right. And in numerous interviews, he’ll tell you he is not a white supremacist.

“No, I’m not a white supremacist … white supremacy means a white person would want to rule other people,” he said.

And Spencer does not want to rule over other people, because…

“White people ultimately don’t need other races in order to succeed in order to be ourselves,” according to Spencer.

And it’s not just about black people. It’s also about the East Asians getting all the tech jobs.

“East Asians have a higher — on average — IQ than Europeans. This is actually why I would want to restrict immigration of East Asians.”

Not to say that white people aren’t smart. Because white people are the ones with the genius to build great things, like the pyramids, despite claims that the Egyptians were African.

“The Egyptians are not African, I’m sorry,” Spencer said.

To which a reporter replied: “Do you know where Egypt is?”

Ahhh, the mainstream media and their trick questions.

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