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Jenny Durkan, committee
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Jenny Durkan to South Seattle violence victims: Stop Whining

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Jenny Durkan continues to fail. Yesterday, Mayor Jenny, as she calls herself on Twitter, announced her plans to do nothing to combat the series of daylight home invasion robberies and gang-war shootings plaguing South Seattle. Not only will she do nothing, she will opt for expensive methods of doing nothing.

Mayor Jenny’s brand of doing nothing about gang related violence and home invasion crimes revolve around some very special tactics of emptiness:

Mayor Jenny Plays Make Believe

Jenny Durkan announced a plan to pretend to force people to lock up their guns when they aren’t around them. Here’s why that is nothing: it cannot be enforced; responsible, legal gun owners already do that, likely gang members who pistol whip and then shoot 71 year-old women in their houses don’t bother to buy gun safes. Here’s why it’s an expensive brand of nothing: cities cannot make gun control laws in Washington State and someone will sue over this. Mayor Jenny already knows that; she doesn’t care. Because leading is hard, Mayor Jenny prefers to virtue signal. At least she’s good at that.

Mayor Jenny Plays Doctor

Jenny Durkan announced that she will use the “revenue” from Seattle’s guns and ammo tax to fund research into the health issues around guns. Here’s why this is nothing: guns don’t have health issues. For the part of her study that will supposedly study medical responses to help people who are shot and pistol whipped in their homes, it’s good to remember that Seattle spent more money than they made with the gun tax (they were sued, of course, and lost). Here’s why it’s an expensive-brand of nothing: the City actually spent money writing Jenny’s insipid talking points for this, which is all there is to it.

What Jenny could do, but will not

Once upon a time, Mayor Jenny was a federal attorney. She knows she could use an array of federal laws to go after the organized crime that is in Seattle fighting turf wars over the gold rush of effectively legalized heroin. Jenny Durkan could partner with the feds to use RICO statutes, racketeering statutes, immigration laws or tax evasion laws to make life hard for gangs. She will do nothing of the sort. In the peaceful utopia of the People’s Party of Seattle, no politician gets famous doing their actual jobs. The path to becoming Governor, Jenny’s Durkan’s grand scheme, is paved with talking points, not achievements.

Listen up, South Seattle

So, to the victims of organized crime in Seattle, Mayor Jenny’s message is clear: stop whining, take your pistol whippings bravely and remember, vote Mayor Jenny because she really, really, really, really–no, seriously, REALLY–hates Donald Trump.

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