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‘Squealing puppy’ tops all the bad news of the day

(Escambia County Sheriff's Office)

Yesterday, the big stories were the new American Embassy in Jerusalem, the Hawaii volcano, and the First Lady’s successful surgery. And yet the most shared story on the CBS News website as I was perusing it after dinner was headlined: “Squealing puppy saved from hot car in Florida parking lot.”

It was shared more than even the latest Stormy Daniels update. That’s probably because we’ve all seen cars with a pet locked inside, and we’ve all thought about calling the cops.

Well, this time someone did. Within minutes, two Escambia County deputies broke the window, rescued the puppy, then posted a Facebook selfie. And that’s what did it. Tiny puppy, black fur, little white paws, big ears.

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And even though a friend defended the driver, saying he’d just ducked into Sears for a moment and left the window open about 3 inches, the guy was arrested when he returned to his car.

By the way, had he tried to escape he would have ended up on the sheriff’s weekly Facebook show “Wheel of Fugitives.”

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