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Seattle Kitchen

  • Seattle Kitchen suggests some ‘super’ brews, cocktails for game day

    The Seattle Kitchen Show observes an interesting irony about Super Bowl celebrations when it comes to food: "On the most famous sports day in America, everyone reverts to worst things to eat and drink in America," says Seattle Kitchen host and chef Tom Douglas.
  • Seattle Kitchen’s guide to Super Bowl Feast Mode

    For the first Seahawks Super Bowl win, it might have been acceptable to throw together some chips and dip and call it a meal, but now the team is taking it to the next level and the 12s are going to have to step up and get into Feast Mode.
  • Food and drink to chase away your New Year’s hangover

    Seattle chef Tom Douglas says that a hangover is a "mistake" that shouldn't be piled on. He doesn't believe in "hair of the dog."
  • Eating and drinking your hangover cures

    Tom Douglas thinks says that hangover, a "mistake," shouldn't be piled on to: He doesn't believe in hair of the dog. "You should feed the dog, not take the dog to the bar."
  • Seattle Kitchen takes Spam from ordinary to extraordinary

    The idea of a dish including Spam being "extraordinary" might seem a stretch for some, but if anyone can take this canned mean from ordinary to extraordinary it is the Seattle Kitchen crew of Tom Douglas, Theirry Rautureau and Katie O.
  • Grilling secrets from Seattle Kitchen

    The Seattle Kitchen staff decided there was really only one cooking technique appropriate for the holiday weekend.
  • Tom Douglas: How to cook pizza on the grill

    Summer evenings were made for grilling, but don't be limited to what you can find in the meat and veggie aisles. Seattle Kitchen host Tom Douglas says the old grill can cook a mean pizza, too.
  • Ingredient of the Week: Grilling

    What do world famous chefs like to throw on the grill? Seattle chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau have their favorites.
  • Seattle restaurant king Tom Douglas to open cooking school

    Acclaimed Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas is expanding his empire again, announcing the upcoming opening of a new cooking school in downtown Seattle.
  • Ordinary to extraordinary: Super Bowl snacks

    The snacks served at a Super Bowl party are looked at with almost as much interest as the game itself. So as you prepare for this Seahawks Super Bowl Sunday, take a few notes from The Seattle Kitchen Show.