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Ted Cruz is not a hypocrite regarding Hurricane Harvey

The media is all over Ted Cruz’s so-called hypocrisy, saying “how dare he vote against aid for Sandy but come begging for aid for Texas.”

CNN goes on the air during this tragedy and says that it’s time for the Republicans to give up on cutting the budget.

I wonder if the people in Houston are comforted that the left is using this opportunity to bash Ted Cruz rather than helping where it is needed.

I just want to issue some reminders on what Cruz voted against with the Sandy aid package, along with 23 other Republicans. The Congressional Budget office had estimated that 70 percent of that emergency budget wouldn’t be spent until 2021. So must of the funds weren’t going to be used for the emergency. Only 1/3rd of the funds were going to be used for Sandy relief.

The budget also included $150 million for Alaskan fisheries, while there were people homeless in New Jersey! There was even money for Amtrak! The Democrats were daring Conservatives to vote against this pork fest.

What’s going on in Houston would be easier to deal with if the government wasn’t always throwing money away. We should be using the government for what it was designed to do.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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