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Super Bowl
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The Super Bowl lived up to the hype, unlike the super-secret memo

(File, Associated Press)

I’ve heard people saying football is done and the NFL is losing audience. But you have to admit – not watching that Super Bowl because you were angry at the NFL was like ripping up the winning Powerball ticket.

How many times does a game like that just fall into your lap?

What happens when you have the wrong kind of ears

The refs let them play! They didn’t call any snowflake penalties. We didn’t have to stare at the concussion tent. And the video forensics actually got it right, by which I mean that thing in the end zone that looked exactly like a Philadelphia touchdown was actually ruled a touchdown and a catch was a catch.

The best storyline was that the substitute quarterback beat the greatest of all time.

Yes, I know you all feel bad for Tom Brady, but if he keeps drinking the magic water he could have five or six more chances easy.

It also means that because the Seahawks beat the Eagles two months ago by more points than any other team in the regular season, they are, in fact, virtual champions, right?

Plus, everybody who was supposed to stand for the anthem stood – except for the people holding the giant American flag who were all down on one knee, but they were holding a giant flag so it’s OK.

The halftime show included a real marching band, no one’s wardrobe failed, and the commercials celebrated empowerment, public service, and the importance of a clean shirt. The only attack ad was Martha Stewart yanking off Jack Box’s nose, and he deserved it.

Bottom line is that, for once, we saw a big-deal event that actually lived up to the hype. Unlike that super-secret intelligence committee memo. By the way, if anyone figures out what the super secret was, tweet me (@thedaveross).

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