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Don’t tell anyone, but this Obamacare rule just kicked in

(File, Associated Press)

Beginning this week, all but the smallest restaurant chains must display the calorie counts for everything on the menu. That includes sandwiches, donuts, ice cream, pizza, movie popcorn, even gumball machines.

A standard Double Bubble gumball is 20 calories. Now you know.

It even applies to cocktails. A Moscow mule: 138 calories. A 9-ounce Piña colada: 490.

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The age of ignorance is over.

Will this help us lose weight or just leave us depressed? Researchers can’t seem to agree. If you do find it depressing, go to a food truck, the rule doesn’t cover them.

The trouble with numbers, though, is they’re easy to ignore. That’s why the national debt can be $21 trillion and no one cares.

I think a better way for restaurants to show us how much we’re eating would be to display the equivalent number of Oreos.

For example, there’s a dish called Pasta Napoletana, buttery pasta with spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, and bacon. It is 2,310 calories. Under my system, when the waiter serves this dish, he’d also bring a bowl filled with 42 Oreos to make you feel guilty while you eat your pasta.

Come to think of it, that could backfire, couldn’t it.

By the way, can anyone tell me why Oreos come in a re-sealable pack? Has any true American ever re-sealed an Oreo package? I don’t think so.

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