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Our heroes are human too
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  • Our heroes are human too

    Gee: Our heroes are human too, and it’s time we treated them that way

    We all struggle with something, and that includes athletes, celebrities, and moguls. It's time we started putting ourselves in their shoes, and treating them with the dignity we treat ourselves.
  • books

    A simple way to build new dreams

    Books seem to be pretty powerful weapons in themselves.  They let us travel to exotic places, learn new and exciting words, and tell us stories that inspire us to act this way or that way if we are ever faced with a formidable challenge. 
  • faletogo

    Gee: Questions linger after SPD’s video of a fatal shooting

    There are a few questions lingering after the fatal shooting of Iosia Faletogo. One thing is certain: Whatever your opinion was before this video was released, it likely won't change after watching it.
  • Gee Scott’s 3 Things: Previewing Seahawks vs Cowboys in playoffs

    As he does before each game, Seahawks insider Gee Scott breaks down the three things he is hearing from Seahawks players ahead of Saturday's wild-card playoff game in Dallas.
  • new year

    Are you being true to yourself this new year?

    How many of you are four days into the new year and already broke off your big resolution for the year? Wait, are you waiting for Monday to get started?
  • bike racks, seattle

    Seattle will get a major bike rack boost in 2019

    The Seattle Department of Transportation plans to increase the number of bike racks in town by 20 percent over the coming year. It hopes to foster better bike parking habits in Seattle.
  •, unemployment, Microsoft. league of extraordinary gentlemen, trolls

    Gee: What do we do with online trolls?

    Does ignoring internet trolls actually do anything to discourage their behavior? Or do they simply take out their negative energy elsewhere?
  • Gee Scott’s 3 Things: Seahawks taking on 11-3 Kansas City Chiefs

    Gee Scott shares the three things he is hearing from Seahawks players ahead of the 8-6 team's Sunday night matchup against the 11-3 Kansas City Chiefs, including an emphasis on the run game.
  • motivation

    Why do we question someone’s motivation for acts of kindness?

    The day we let the trolls take away random acts of kindness is the day humanity takes a giant step backwards.
  • Walmart layway

    Bellevue CEO pays off Walmart layaways for 110 Washington families

    One CEO in Washington makes a habit of donating big, in unique ways each holiday season. This year, he paid the layaway bills for families at two Walmart stores in the state.
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