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Washington Governor Jay Inslee
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  • Washington Governor Jay Inslee

    Dori: Jay Inslee wants billions from us to build national ‘green’ image

    Jay Inslee wants to take billions of dollars from the voters in this state, all to prove to the rest of the country that he is the "greenest" 2020 presidential candidate.
  • road rage

    Dori: Aubrey Bowlin attacker held up as tragic gun violence victim

    The man who was fatally shot while choking out motorcyclist Aubrey Bowlin in a road rage incident is being held up as a victim of gun violence, even though this was a clear case of self-defense.
  • Christmas movies

    Dori teaches you how to be a woke Progressive with Christmas movies

    The newly-woke Dori shares why true feminists and Progressives should hate all Christmas movies.
  • Ed Murray

    Dori: Ed Murray allegedly shouts at reporter who took Paris photo

    Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur said that former Mayor Ed Murray confronted her in Paris after she took a photo of him at the Eiffel Tower.
  • monson madness

    Monson Madness 2018

    It’s time to vote on the best audio clips of the year for Monson Madness 2018! Make sure to listen to all the clips.
  • bike racks, Seattle homeless plan, homeless camps, Mike O'Brien

    Dori: Politicians who attract drug vagrants put Seattle’s women at risk

    There is a direct correlation between the number of drug vagrants our politicians attract to Seattle and the number of women who are being attacked on what seems like a regular basis.
  • Jenny Durkan, committee

    Dori: City of Seattle at its most corrupt ever

    When it was time for Jenny Durkan to appoint a liaison between the city and Sound Transit, she awarded a $720,000 contract to a PR firm run by a longtime friend.
  • private Gmail

    Attorney: Jenny Durkan’s staff uses private Gmail accounts to gauge public image

    Attorney Lincoln Beauregard has proof that City of Seattle staff used private Gmail accounts to communicate about the head tax -- and he wants the city to stop lying about it.
  • Marysville

    Grieving father seeks answers from Marysville School District

    On Oct. 1, Marysville-Pilchuck High School student Wesley Goddard took his own life. Friends say that in the days leading to his death, Wesley suffered relentless bullying from players on the school's football team.
  • Durkan

    Dori: Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan should resign after email scandal

    Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan's staffers and political consultants used private Gmail accounts to communicate about the head tax out of the public eye. It appears to be a blatant attempt to get around the Open Public Meetings Act.
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