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  • soda tax

    Dori: City council proposing a bait-and-switch with soda tax revenue

    The Seattle City Council promised that revenue from the soda tax would go to health causes. Now they want to go back on their word and put it into their pet project -- housing for drug addicts.
  • Seattle City Council

    Dori: Seattle City Council mulling most dangerous idea yet

    The Seattle City Council is looking at letting the vagrants run the city; a new proposal would eliminate probation in the criminal justice system.
  • SPD, Seattle police

    Dori: Seattle police contract drama shows why cops are leaving city

    With the headache that the Seattle City Council is causing over the Seattle police contract, is it any wonder that our cops are flocking out of this city?
  • carbon tax

    Dori: Give a big NO to I-1631, the carbon tax

    Vote no on I-1631, the carbon tax proposal. It is just a large transfer of wealth from your pockets to the government's, and will have infinitesimal benefit for the environment.
  • Dori: Maria Cantwell thinks hiking is community service

    In the 2018 voters' guide, Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) listed hiking and mountain climbing as her community service.
  • Dori: Kim Schrier isn’t ruling out universal basic income

    Kim Schrier, who is running for 8th Congressional District representative, wants to take the money of hardworking citizens and give it to the most slothful among us with a universal basic income.
  • pumpkin

    The First Annual Dori Monson Show Pumpkin Carving Contest

    It's the First Annual Dori Monson Show Pumpkin Carving Contest!
  • Business manager says cops didn’t show up to armed robbery, assault

    A local business' field manager cannot understand why police did not show up to an armed robbery and assault.
  • West Seattle Health Club

    West Seattle Health Club VP ‘fed up’ after RV-caused fire

    West Seattle Health Club Vice President Dan Lehr has been calling the mayor's office, city council, and police department for months about the RVs in front of his business. On Wednesday morning, his worst fears were realized when an RV crashed into the health club and started a fire, causing $300,000 worth of damage.
  • park

    Expensive ‘Weedin Place Park’ is another campground

    A before-and-after look at what SDOT's far-too-expensive Weedin Place Park project has become over the past year.
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