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Dori Monson

  • Isley

    Ernie Isley on discovering Jimi Hendrix and providing the Beatles with career-launching material

    Ernie Isley of legendary group the Isley Brothers talks to Dori about six decades of timeless music, and helping to make the careers of Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles.
  • Providence Heights

    Citizens fight government to save historic Providence Heights Issaquah campus

    Situated on a hilltops above Issaquah, the Providence Heights campus is part of art, religious, and women's history. But a fierce legal battle between opposing interests threaten its existence.
  • Ballard Elks Bell

    Dori: History goes missing with theft of Ballard Elks bell

    The latest victim of Seattle's rampant crime is Ballard Elks bell. The 130-year-old brass bell was stolen. Dori has a brilliant idea for how to make the person responsible pay for his actions.
  • media

    Howard Kurtz says media hate for Trump is unprecedented

    Howard Kurtz discusses the intense battle between the Trump administration and the media, as featured in his new book, "Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War over Words."
  • Carmen Best

    Prediction: Expect Carmen Best to be named Seattle police chief

    KIRO Radio Reporter Hanna Scott tells Dori Monson that she believes interim Police Chief Carmen Best will be Seattle's next official chief of police.
  • King County Courthouse

    King County Courthouse block receives 300 police calls per month

    KIRO 7's Amy Clancy talks to Dori about the uptick in assaults outside of the King County Courthouse and the city's attempts to stop the violence.
  • homeless, seattle city council

    Dori: Is it goodbye to Sally ‘Dime’ Bagshaw?

    With word spreading that Sally Bagshaw might retire from the Seattle City Council, Dori speculates that the 2019 council house-cleaning has started.
  • Kshama Sawant Socialist

    Dori: If Kshama Sawant retires from Seattle City Council, I retire

    Dori is devastated to learn that Kshama Sawant may not seek re-election to the Seattle City Council. What will he do without a council member who provides so much radio content.
  • king county metro, seattle

    Hundreds of sexual assaults reported on King County Metro buses

    In 2017, 100 sexual assaults were reported on King County Metro buses. KIRO 7's Amy Clancy talks about a recent case in which a transient allegedly assaulted a woman on a bus and was given a conditional release from jail the next day.
  • needle, safe injection

    Dori: ‘Tis the season for heroin ice cream vans

    Dori can't contain his excitement over the heroin death site ice cream vans that the Seattle City Council is bringing to town.
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