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Dori Monson

  • Burien

    Dori: Politicians who tout sanctuary city status ignore crucial data

    Our politicians tout sanctuary city status as the best thing since sliced bread, but when it comes to heeding evidence of sanctuary status being dangerous, they simply turn a blind eye.
  • Dori debates: Should employees be penalized for smoking?

    Should employers follow the lead of a company in Japan and give rewards to employees for not smoking? Dori has an even more radical idea - take vacation days away from smokers to make up for all the time spent on cigarette breaks.
  • sawant, head tax

    Dori: Amazon is escaping Sawant — only to face Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Amazon is escaping the screams of Kshama Sawant with its new HQ2, but running headlong into the congressional district of Sawant's East Coast equivalent, Democratic-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
  • Dori: Seattleites who replace God with government are 180 degrees from our founding principles

    In Seattle, one of the most irreligious cities in the country, people seem to look to government in place of God. That mentality goes completely against our Founding Fathers' values, and it will also come back to hurt these people who put all of their faith in politicians.
  • Elks

    Seattle’s Elks Lodge #92 will likely be closed half a year

    The director of Elks Lodge #92 in Queen Anne, which burned in a fire this past weekend, says that the lodge's damage is extensive but the Elks' spirit has not been crushed.
  • Seattle police

    Dori: Seattle police don’t have contract because our politicians want anarchy

    The reason that Seattle police do not yet have a contract, and have not had one for years, is that the controlling forces around this region are fundamentally anti-cop.
  • totem poles

    Dori: With all the crime in Seattle, let’s worry about totem poles

    Seattle is overrun with crime and drugs, but the latest city council proposal to get Seattle back on track is to review totem poles because of cultural appropriation.
  • Stabbed

    Good Samaritan describes holding off alleged killer at Seattle Center

    Scott Brown did not expect to use his concealed pistol, but after witnessing the Seattle Center stabbing on Nov. 2, found himself holding back a killer with his gun until police arrived.
  • super toilets

    Dori: Seattle bringing back ‘super toilets’ — there’s money down the drain

    Remember when Seattle threw money down the drain to bring us public super toilets? They're trying it again in a Ballard park.
  • Joe Walsh

    The Eagles’ Joe Walsh talks concert for vets, music career, and 25 years of sobriety

    Dori chats with Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh about Walsh's upcoming VetsAid concert in support of veterans at the Tacoma Dome, as well as about Walsh's musical career and recovery from addiction.
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