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Inslee's budget, barkis, Inslee's budget
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  • Inslee's budget, barkis, Inslee's budget

    State rep. says Inslee’s budget needs tax rebates, not increases

    A state legislator argues that Inslee's budget should include tax rebates and prudent limits on spending, rather than large increases in taxation.
  • Inslee

    Dori: Jay Inslee rips off small businesses, shows hypocrisy in budget

    Jay Inslee's proposed new budget with its massive tax increases will hurt small businesses, homeowners, and families who have put their own children through college.
  • DUI

    Dori: DUI leniency in this state is pathetic, puts us all at risk

    The DUI laws in this state are far too lax if a driver can get six DUIs and put a person in a coma, yet not be charged with a felony.
  • I-940, tim eyman, I-976

    Tim Eyman explains bankruptcy, divorce email

    Tim Eyman explains why he sent out an email to the media describing his bankruptcy and divorce, and alerts voters that he has nearly attained the required number of $30 car tabs signatures.
  • Dow Constantine, arts tax, SeaTac, King County

    Dori: Dow Constantine creates homeless problems, demands we fund solutions

    King County Executive Dow Constantine acts like he has a great moral duty to solve the homelessness crisis -- but with his drug-embracing policies, he is an architect of this crisis.
  • Jay Inslee, special session, Gov. Inslee

    Dori: No, Gov. Inslee, you’re not Churchill, climate change isn’t Nazis

    Gov. Inslee compared spending billions to reduce WA carbon emissions by a minuscule amount to fighting the Nazis in World War II.
  • Ed Murray Seattle City Hall

    Dori: How can liberal Seattle have discrimination, harassment?

    The City of Seattle has created an expensive new office to deal with workplace harassment -- but how could a Democrat-run city government have these problems?
  • Washington Governor Jay Inslee

    Dori: Jay Inslee wants billions from us to build national ‘green’ image

    Jay Inslee wants to take billions of dollars from the voters in this state, all to prove to the rest of the country that he is the "greenest" 2020 presidential candidate.
  • road rage

    Dori: Aubrey Bowlin attacker held up as tragic gun violence victim

    The man who was fatally shot while choking out motorcyclist Aubrey Bowlin in a road rage incident is being held up as a victim of gun violence, even though this was a clear case of self-defense.
  • Christmas movies

    Dori teaches you how to be a woke Progressive with Christmas movies

    The newly-woke Dori shares why true feminists and Progressives should hate all Christmas movies.
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