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I-5 Northbound
On the I-5 northbound express lanes on-ramp from 9th Avenue (MP 166) the ramp is closed. Access to the express lanes from Pike Street is unaffected.

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I-90 Eastbound
DRIVER ALERT: Monday, September 8 to the morning Tuesday, September 23 - The eastbound I-90 exit to Bellevue Way Southeast will close 9 p.m. Monday, Sept. 8 continuously for 15 days until the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 23 for drainage, grading, and paving work.

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SR 308 Both Directions
Road work
Road work on SR 308 both directions from milepost 1.0 near Viking Way to milepost 3.4 near Washington Ave beginning at 8:37 am on September 18, 2014 until about 4:00 pm.