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Mother nature
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It’s now clear that Mother Nature is a conservative

With fire burning on multiple sides, a deer stands behind a fence as the River Fire tears though Lakeport, Calif. (AP Photo/Noah Berger, File)

History is littered with predictions of the end of the world, and Americans have contributed their fair share.

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Televangelist Herbert W. Armstrong predicted the precise end of the world four different times.

But maybe he was onto something.

I have to say, those pictures of California wildfires pretty much resemble every depiction of hell I’ve ever seen. Plus, there’s a new climate report, based on actual science, that indicates we are possibly 30 years away from triggering an unstoppable chain reaction that would raise temperatures and sea levels beyond what civilization can tolerate.

To be brief, we have to figure out ways to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

You know who has the nation’s smallest carbon footprint? New York City. Because people walk everywhere. Whereas the car-dependent suburban backyard lifestyle seems destined to end up burning down your suburban backyard.

And, not to politicize this, but it’s clear that Mother Nature is a conservative. A strict constructionist following the laws of physics to the last decimal place and perfectly willing to impose term limits on incumbent species who pretend nothing’s wrong.

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