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Unpopular opinion: It’s OK Seahawks fans, paint your face

They may be mocked by some, but those people are too serious. Go ahead Seahawks fans, paint your face and go wild.

“I know they are often derided, but I love the people who paint their faces, and/or bodies for Seahawks games,” KIRO Night’s Zak Burns said. “Love it. Become a lunatic.”

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The debate not only has to do with quirky hijinx, but also the vibe that people bring to a football game. Would you rather go casual or dress up for the Seahawks?

“When you talk about Seahawks and painting your face, I love that — do that,” Gee said. “It means you are enjoying yourself.”


Not facepaint, but certainly a fan. (Keith Allison, Flickr)

“No disrespect, but sometimes when I’m at the games and I see somebody in high heels, or a guy dressed up in a suit, I’m like ‘Man, would you relax a little bit,’” he said.

In the suit’s defense, there are people who use games as a business venue or other formal scenarios.

“If you are going there to entertain some clients, obviously you can’t paint your face blue,” Zak said. “And this is going to be hypocritical — I like fans who paint their bodies, put on wigs, all the crazy stuff. That’s because it’s fan behavior.”

“I’m still going to deride the people who wear someone else’s jersey, though,” he said. “That is weird. That is still so weird to me. I get it as a kid. But as an adult? Are you pretending to be the person for a little while? What’s happening?”

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