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Generation Z should ask for a raise for the sake of the country

Americans who quit to take new jobs are enjoying pay raises that are one-third larger than raises for workers who stay put, a gap that has reached the widest point since the Great Recession. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

We keep hearing that wages are finally going up, which is good. But those wage increases are barely keeping ahead of inflation. And they’re nowhere close to keeping up with productivity.

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And yes some will blame the president. But CBS Senior Business analyst Jill Schlesinger says the real problem may be Generation Z.

“Those entry level people,” Schlesinger said. “When they come into the labor force, if you’ve been on sidelines for a while, you may not be as demanding. You are so happy to have a job. And that’s the mindset that really has to change.”

The problem is these young workers. They’re too afraid to do the one thing that could boost those wage numbers — ask for more money.

“I know it’s embarrassing, I know it’s weird, I know its hard,” she said. “You got to ask for a raise. If now now, when?”

And if the answer’s no? Well, the Federal Reserve reports that employees who quit for better pay got raises that were, on average, a third higher than those who just crossed their fingers and hoped the boss would notice them.

“Companies are not in the business of saying ‘Hey, here’s your raise,'” Schlesinger said.

No! And the nation really needs your income tax revenue. So for the sake of your country, ask for a raise. Even better, recruit 50 co-workers and all of you ask for a raise.

We used to call that a union. But the time has come. As somebody famous almost said: My fellow Americans ask not what you can do for your company – ask what your company can do for you.

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