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Elzabeth Warren
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Ross: Why Elizabeth Warren should visit Fox’s hostile ground

Democratic presidential candiate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks to a crowd during a campaign stop at Fat Hill Brewing on May 4, 2019 in Mason City, Iowa. Warren has made six trips to Iowa so far during her candidacy. (Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

I was very sorry to see Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren turn down Fox’s offer to have her own Town Hall.

She called Fox a “hate-for-profit” racket that represents everything that her presidential campaign is against. But to turn down a live town hall – where you get to talk unedited, where you could go on and just say “I think this is a hate-for-profit racket” – that makes no sense.

It sounds like she’s afraid of being challenged.

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Remember when Bernie Sanders went on Fox?

“I don’t think the American people are proud that we have a president who’s a pathological liar,” he said.

Nobody pulled the plug. He even got to troll Trump about his tax returns.

“Hey President Trump my wife and I released 10 years, please do the same…” Sanders said.

But most important, Sanders came across as a serious candidate who was confident enough in his ideas to state them on hostile ground. I think that’s important. Because if there’s a crisis in America, it’s that political opponents don’t even want to talk to each other anymore.

Our politicians love their own ideas more than they love their country. The concept of E Pluribus Unum is dying before our eyes.

I don’t generally see politicians as role models, but there’s at least one example they should set: that you don’t just shun your opponents, you debate them.

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