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YouTube hate speech
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Ross: If you don’t like YouTube’s hate speech, don’t watch it

Hate speech continues cause headaches for YouTube (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

YouTube’s CEO has been trying to figure out how to deal with hate speech.

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One idea was for YouTube to vet every video before allowing it to post. But users upload 300 hours of video per minute, close to half a million hours per day. It would take 58,000 editors working eight hour shifts to watch all that.

And you’d have to hire 10,000 therapists to keep them sane.

That’s not going to work, namely because YouTube’s problem isn’t the content — it’s that the audience insists on watching stuff it then decides it doesn’t like.

If you can’t handle hate speech and other depravity – watch the edited media.

But Dave, do you approve of the hate speech? 

Obviously not, which is why I don’t watch it.

But how come you don’t want YouTube to censor it?

Because it’s a fantastic tool for law enforcement!

YouTube’s dark corners – where people proudly reveal their depravity – are the perfect window into who needs surveillance, who shouldn’t be anywhere near a weapon, and who probably shouldn’t be invited to a sleepover.

But the bottom line is no one has to watch any of this. Except the FBI, because that’s their job.

If you do watch it, and it turns you into a psychopath, that’s on you. With any luck you’ll put up an uncensored video of your own bizarre enough that the cops will disarm you before you can hurt anyone.

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