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Dori: Bob Ferguson cares more about illegal immigrants than fed officers

(Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing the Trump Administration because it is diverting money from the U.S. military to build a border wall.

This is all very interesting for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the Supreme Court gave the president permission to divert that money, because building a wall is for national security purposes.

How is the attorney general of Washington state part of what is going on between the federal government and the southern border states? How is that any of his business? I suppose he has to do something to stay relevant since he lost his shot at being governor after Jay Inslee was drummed out of the presidential race.

Bob Ferguson despises our military. Earlier this year, he said he would sue the Navy for polluting the Puget Sound via runoff when it pressure-washes its ships … as it has always done. Then this summer, he announced he was suing Naval Air Station Whidbey for its jet noise.

Dori: Ferguson suing Navy over NAS Whidbey jet noise just grandstanding

Now he has the audacity to pretend like he cares about the military’s budget? That is completely inconsistent with all of his military dealings so far.

Federal Customs and Border Patrol agents have made it very clear that their jobs are safer where the wall has been built. So like King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht with the elimination of the LInX system, Bob Ferguson is demonstrating that he cares more about illegal immigrants than the lives of law enforcement officers.

I’m sure he wants to get back to what he sees as the “good old days,” when federal law enforcement officers were being killed, and illegal immigrants were coming in at 10 times the number they are today.

What a small man our attorney general is.

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