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Ross: It’s time for us all to start taking Trump’s threats seriously

President Donald Trump. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Despite what some of you may think, I begin each week trying to ignore whatever President Trump did in the last 24 hours. The stand-up routines at the rallies, shouting near the helicopter, the salty language, the tiffs with Pelosi – I’ve taken a pass.

Ross: Maybe Trump needs to be more efficient in his lawbreaking

That’s all because there are other things worth talking about. Plus, this is what people voted for.

I wasn’t even going bring up Syria because getting out of the Middle East was what he ran on. Why should that shock anyone?

I know he tells a lot of lies, but again – but they’re the kind of lies that annoy liberals, and that’s what so many voters love about him.

And yet for a lot of Republicans, he has clearly crossed a line. 129 House Republicans voted against his Syria decision. When he compared it to a schoolyard fight, even Republicans couldn’t believe he meant such a thing.

Well, I think it’s high time they did!

Trump starting to make U.S. feel more like ancient Rome

When he describes his wisdom as “great and unmatched” he means it. When he says he wants Ukraine to find the missing server, he means it. When he says he knows more than the generals, he means it. When he says Doral would have been the best location for the G-7, he means it.

So, if you happen to see the President walking toward you and you notice the street sign says “Fifth Avenue,” make sure that MAGA hat is securely on your head.

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