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Ross: Ukraine the real winner in impeachment hearings

Impeachment proceedings continue. (Getty Images)

It was the Republicans who wanted Ambassador Kurt Volker — former special envoy to Ukraine — to testify at Tuesday’s impeachment session, and he delivered.

Analyzing the impeachment analysis

He never heard the President ask or offer a bribe, a quid pro quo, or use military aid to pressure Ukraine in any way.

But he was also clear that he vigorously disagreed with the President’s view was too corrupt to be worth helping.

“We owe Ukraine a great deal of support,” said Volker.

And he explained why.

“Russia is trying to upend security in Europe,” Volker continued. “The war in Ukraine has left more people dead in a European war than anything since the Balkans, more people displaced by a war in Europe than anything since WWII, these are people who stand up for freedom, for democracy, they want to see their country be successful like Germany like Sweden, like us. And if we want to live in a world of freedom for the United States, we ought to be supporting freedom for people around the world.”

Ross: Who’s really being impeached?

I heard nothing in yesterday’s hearing that’s going convince Republicans to remove the President. But I heard a lot of testimony about the importance of helping Ukraine hold off Russia.

And as much as President Trump is against foreign aid, I think after this he’s going to have to give Ukraine everything it wants.

They say that in an impeachment, no one wins. Well, I think Ukraine just won big time.

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