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Todd: Tim Eyman is more trustworthy than Jay Inslee

Tim Eyman (Seattle Channel), and a button supporting I-1000 (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Tim Eyman is running for Governor. I truly like Tim, though he can be his own worst enemy. I usually agree with Tim on government spending. In terms of standing up to bullies who abuse their positions of power, I stand in awe of what Tim Eyman was able to do. He says he will get initiatives on the ballot and he does, even when under brutal, outsized attack.

Eyman is not perfect; he is accused of stealing a chair and using donations to his initiatives for his own use. Bob Ferguson’s office has a strong case against him on the latter charge. It could have been easily settled. Bob Ferguson didn’t want to settle, he wanted to destroy Eyman

Ferguson, himself a documented, serial violator of campaign finance laws, committed more resources to prosecute Tim and bully Eyman’s wife than in all other campaign finance violation cases Ferguson has overseen combined. Bob Ferguson’s office stated they would not settle with Eyman. By way of comparison, the AG’s office actually reached a plea bargain with the Green River Killer.

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But Eyman is running for governor not AG and Tim Eyman is far most trustworthy than his likely opponent, Jay Inslee.

Jay Inslee took an oath of office to serve as our Governor, which reads, in part: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support … the laws of the state of Washington, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of (name of office) to the best of my ability.”

Jay Inslee is not supporting the laws of Washington State.

Jay Inslee chooses to ignore the effective decriminalization of heroin, meth and fentanyl in cities like Seattle — but, he is all over banning flavored vaping.

Jay Inslee welcomes criminal illegal aliens to stay in our State even as more cases mount, where those people — who would have been deported were cops allowed to contact ICE — went on to rape women, kill police officers and take the lives of people in drunk driving accidents.

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While Eyman’s I-976 passed by 54 percent, Jay Inslee is not executing his duties to the best of his abilities unless he is asleep all day.

Washington State’s existing revenues of $55 million per biennium and its expected budget surplus are more than enough to cover the decrease in revenues from I-976. Instead of shifting money around and cutting the budget by all of 1.5 percent to 3 percent, Jay Inslee pretends I-976 is a death sentence for transportation.

WSDOT, which is entirely under Jay Inslee’s control, ignored their own reports warning that the rails in Dupont were not ready for high speed trains, and they — as well as AMTRAK and Sound Transit — predictably got three people killed and many more maimed. Jay Inslee has done nothing about that.

Western State Hospital has lost its federal certification, some $45 million in funds, dangerously mentally ill people have escaped, some 200 masters keys were missing and staff is regularly assaulted by patients. Jay Inslee has done nothing to demand accountability–even as he demands to take over the entire medical system with a flavor of Medicaid for all.

Anti-tax activist and I-976 proponent Tim Eyman is running for governor

I started with charges of stolen chairs and misusing campaign funds and will finish that way as a last comparison between Eyman and Inslee. Tim Eyman’s donors gave him money voluntarily and I am not aware of any Eyman donors who sued Tim’s over his finances. It’s different with Jay Inslee. Inslee used state moneys for his own gain. He forced all of us to be donors to his campaign. No one in existence thought Jay Inslee could be President.

That didn’t stop him from appropriating your money to cover his security. Inslee could have done the right thing and paid for his own security; instead, Jay Inslee simply took your money away. I guess you could argue that — with your money — Jay Inslee stole a seat on MSNBC.

Tell Me I’m Wrong: Tim Eyman is more trustworthy than Jay Inslee.

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