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Charlie's Angels
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Candy: Sexism isn’t why your movie bombed

Charlie's Angels. (Sony)

The reason movies with female leads bomb has nothing to do with sexism.

Charlie’s Angels came out last week, did you know that? I didn’t either, and that’s why it bombed. Director Elizabeth Banks claims the reason why it didn’t do well is simple: Sexism.

“If this movie doesn’t make money it reinforces a stereotype in Hollywood that men don’t go see women do action movies,” she stated.

Brie Larson starred in Captain Marvel, that grossed $426 million in the U.S.

Gal Gadot starred in Wonder Woman, a movie that hauled in $821 million worldwide in 2017.

What does Elizabeth Banks say about that?

“They only succeeded because they were part of a ‘male genre.’”

Charlie’s Angels is based on a TV Show that in the late 70s ushered in the phrase “jiggle TV,” where their criminal cases always involved showers, bikinis, or high heels.

Charlie’s Angels has always been a misogynistic movie franchise (sorry Cam Diaz), but it’s 2019 — you could literally do the same script and call it Vendetta of Death and get a better reaction from modern audiences.

While I fully support diversity in Hollywood, we want original content more than ever. Stop being lazy and shoving old scripts down our throats, expecting us to buy a ticket solely based upon social guilt and feminist support.

That brings up a great metric for Hollywood — let’s call it the Melissa McCarthy test. Is this Bridesmaids or Ghostbusters? If it’s the latter, we don’t want it.

Simply put, Charlie’s Angels’ failure had nothing to do with sexism; it’s just a tired concept.

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