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Trump tariffs
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Candy, Mike and Todd

  • Trump tariffs

    Trump tariffs could impact $1 billion in Washington agriculture

    An ongoing trade war against China triggered by President Trump could impact about $1 billion worth of agricultural business in Washington state.
  • parking tickets

    Should everyone be able to issue parking tickets with their cell phone?

    A new D.C. pilot program would give residents the power to issue parking citations to their neighbors. Would this be a good idea in Seattle?
  • homelessness crisis

    ‘Seattle Trash Map’ argues Ballard is ‘ground zero’ for trash problem

    A local journalist has developed the Seattle Trash Map to provide a snapshot of one year of waste in the city he says is "getting trashed."
  • Spokane

    Spokane mayor wants disgruntled Seattleites to head east

    Spokane Mayor David Condon is hoping to position the city as one such destination for disgruntled Seattleites, and joined The Candy, Mike and Todd Show to discuss the Hacking Washington campaign.
  • State Sen. Doug Erickson, carbon tax, whatcom county

    State Sen. Doug Ericksen responds to controversial Cambodian contract

    State Sen. Doug Ericksen is responding to recent reports that he contracted with Cambodia, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, after the country's controversial elections. At the same time, the Cambodian government has come under scrutiny for human rights violations.
  • parking spot

    Is it wrong to stand in a Seattle parking spot and save it for a friend?

    Holding a parking spot for a friend by standing in it is a much more stressful version of saving a seat in a movie theater. Would you ever stand in a parking spot to save it for a friend, and if you saw someone else doing this, how would you react?
  • block the box

    Why Washington lawmakers avoided voting on the block the box bill

    Washington State Senator Joe Nguyen says there is a good reason that lawmakers in Olympia opted not to vote on a block the box bill that would have fined Seattle drivers for blocking intersections -- they do it themselves.
  • Crane collapse victims

    Seattle crane accident: Missing connector pins considered as possible cause

    State safety inspectors are examining the possibility of missing connector pins as the primary cause of a tragic construction crane collapse in Seattle, April 27, 2019.
  • sodo, erin goodman, seattle

    Seattle neighborhoods push back against city attorney’s harsh letter

    SoDo's Erin Goodman and Ballard's Mike Stewart discuss how they feel Seattle officials are silencing those who speak out about a justice "system failure," instead of fixing problems.
  • Freedom Foundation, opioid, income tax, prolific homeless, judge mckenna

    Has Seattle Judge Ed McKenna stepped out of line?

    Seattle Municipal Judge McKenna has been put on notice by two of Seattle's top legal authorities. Which is odd because these two are usually at odds. But is there more going on?
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