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  • mueller report

    Rep. Heck on Mueller Report: This ‘isn’t over by a long, long shot’

    Washington Congressmember Denny Heck says that despite the Mueller Report's release, there is more work ahead for Congress and the issues surrounding Russian interference in the 2016 election are not settled.
  • roosevelt, sleep, start times, segregation

    Seattle schools are more segregated today than in decades

    Despite Seattle's best efforts, its schools are now more segregated than they once were. It's not by accident, but a byproduct of laws and policy. Richard Rothstein explains why.
  • data privacy

    ACLU says Washington data privacy bill is not consumer friendly

    The Washington Privacy Act currently under consideration by lawmakers promotes data privacy, but the ACLU warns that it is not what proponents advertise it as.
  • facial recognition security camera

    Washington ACLU: Facial recognition is outpacing our ability to regulate

    Facial recognition technology is fast approaching the stuff of science-fiction, and for those in the ACLU, there are concerns that its capabilities are quickly outstripping our ability to set up ground rules for its uses.
  • segregation, head tax, seattle

    How segregation was planned, and continues in Seattle

    Richard Rothstein wrote the book on how the federal government made segregation policy in the United States. It's a policy that has lasting effects, even in Seattle, with disparities between white and black.
  • safe injection sites

    Doctor: Why US attorney is wrong about safe injection sites

    A U.S. Attorney has told Seattle officials "don't go there" when it comes to safe injection sites. Mayor Jenny Durkan said she is taking the threat seriously. But what does an actual medical doctor think?
  • Jim Pugel

    Seattle council candidate Jim Pugel talks public safety

    Former interim Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel is now running for Seattle City Council. He is perhaps more close to public safety and policing issues than other candidates.
  • technology

    Are you too dependent on technology?

    Are we living in a world that's too dependent on technology? Science Fiction author Cory Doctorow asks that question in his new book.
  • Downtown Bellevue Amazon

    Two major challenges facing Bellevue as Amazon moves in

    As Amazon plans to move thousands of jobs from Seattle over to Bellevue in the coming years, the Eastside community is preparing to accommodate the growth.
  • graffiti

    Cancer charity fights Seattle graffiti and also city fines

    Seattle graffiti is a nuisance, but getting a letter from the city stating that you have to clean it up quickly or get fined makes a bad situation worse.
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