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Best New Year’s resolution: Share a positive review

I have had a handful of “excellent customer service” moments in my life. I mean above and beyond — “she upgraded my seat so my dog would be more comfortable on the long flight or he let my 6-year-old take dental x-rays while I was finishing my cleaning” — type of service.

While I was grateful in the moment, saying “thank you” in real time seemed like enough. But in 2020 is it?

No. If you work with the public, your boss pays attention, you are judged, rated and ranked based on people’s quick impression of you just doing your job.

So in 2020 I say the best New Year’s resolution isn’t to have whiter teeth, lose weight on some detox, or quit shame-watching TV. The best New Year’s resolution is to leave a positive review or send a specific email to a boss. It take you five seconds, but that could mean a bonus, or promotion, or just a boost of confidence for someone who really needs it.

Tell me I’m wrong.

It’s free, it’s fun and it makes you more aware of your surroundings. It shakes you out of your rut. Like today, when I had a pun-off with a cashier at the grocery store. I sent a note to his boss who replied, “I wish more people did this for my employees, it makes it easier to recognize them for the great work they do.”

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