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New Year’s resolutions behind the wheel

It's hard to do anything in solid gridlock, but generally Chris wants you to merge properly and stop camping in the left lanes this year. (MyNorthwest photo)

It’s time we set a few resolutions for behind the wheel.

Let 2020 be the year of the Zipper Merge and better overall merging habits and technique.

What you need to know during 10 weeks of light rail closures, construction

I have a firm belief that we could make a serious dent in congestion by simply learning how to merge and getting rid of some incredibly selfish moves behind the wheel.

Move number one: Do not intentionally speed up to prevent another driver from merging in.

Move number two: Do not cross lanes or the gore point at a 45-degree angle to cut into traffic. That backs up two lanes.

Move number three: For those merging, do not feel the need to get over multiple lanes immediately. You have plenty of time to merge.

Move number four:  Use the on-ramp to get up to freeway speed.

Those are usually the most egregious, dangerous, and selfish moves. Remember, the person using all of the lane to merge is not cutting you off. That driver is merging correctly.

Please let 2020 also be the year we eliminate left-lane camping, which is probably the number one cause of anger among drivers. Washington law is quite clear: keep right unless passing. I don’t care if you are going the speed limit. It is not your job to regulate traffic with your speed. Leave that to the Washington State Patrol.  If you are not passing anyone, get over.

What do you guys have?

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