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Harry and Meghan
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Ross: Harry and Meghan escaping the Jurassic Park of British royalty

Meghan and Harry. (Getty Images)

As the BBC put it, “the golden couple have decided they’re quitting.”

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Yes, at a time when everybody must have a brand, Harry and Meghan are un-branding themselves.

“Harry couldn’t bear cameras, Meghan said she didn’t want to be a voiceless figurehead but every time she spoke up she got criticized for it,” said one BBC reporter.

Particularly in the London Daily Mail, which even questioned why she tended to rest her hand on her baby bump while she was pregnant. Well now, the Daily Mail’s clickbait is leaving the country, which must be like losing your opioid supplier.

The royal couple are escaping the fairy tale to earn their own way. Good for them.

By the way, did you see where they’d been living in England? Near Windsor Castle – the Jurassic Park of British royalty – in a 200-year-old mansion called Frogmore Cottage, named for all the bloody frogs croaking on the property, probably all of them spellbound princes waiting to be kissed.

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But now, Harry and Meghan will do what so many American celebrities have only threatened to do – flee to Canada, possibly Victoria, British Columbia, where they can enjoy afternoon high tea, and still be about as far away from the Daily Mail as you can get without leaving the empire.

If all this prevents even one little girl from fantasizing about being a princess, anyone with a daughter will be forever in their debt.

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