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Feedback Friday, Dori
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Locals with Indian heritage ask Sawant to do her job, stop condemning India

(KIRO Radio)

Sawant should focus on problems at home, not India

Hi Mr. Monson, as an U.S. citizen with Indian roots, I am compelled to write this because of the recent actions of Kshama Sawant introducing a resolution against India’s National Register of Citizens and Citizenship Amendment Act. In what capacity is she introducing these resolutions and who is she to waste taxpayer money on foreign policies that do not affect the people of Seattle or U.S.A.? Doesn’t Seattle have enough problems to be dealing with? There are 12,000 homeless people on roads as of today, recent shootings in broad daylight, unaffordable housing, and many more issues. How is this any different than my hometown in India passing a resolution condemning the U.S.A.’s policies? Passing such a resolution would be such a joke. I am deeply disturbed to see people like Kshama Sawant spreading hatred about the foreign policies of another country with her divisive politics. I hope she spends her time, energy, and resources for the people who elected her and the city she represents.

– Anu in Redmond

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant should concentrate on doing the job for which she was elected instead of wasting taxpayers’ money and time on a resolution which doesn’t concern her constituents. She should stop misleading the Seattle City Council members and public by distorting the facts. If she is concerned about alienating people, then where was she and what was she doing when minorities were persecuted in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh the last few decades?

– Veena in Redmond

Sawant is wasting public resources by bringing resolutions that don’t matter to Seattle. Her resolution on Jan. 21 against India was postponed to Feb. 3 because a few Indian-Americans exposed her misinformation and lies. She needs to focus on Seattle’s problems and leave internal matters of other sovereign nations for them to resolve.

– Archana in Sammamish

What shooting?

Seattle leadership is not talking about the two murderers who are still running loose from last week’s shootings. Have you seen any updates or press conferences? Have they just forgotten about the shooting victims? The lack of attention being paid to these two murderers smacks of a cover-up of this entire situation. I am still nervous to be out in public places with my family while these people run free.

– E.J. in Ravensdale

A free college idea

Mr. Monson, don’t you think that the country would be better off with a well-educated population? I would support free college for all, no matter the age … including trade schools, technical colleges, and graduate programs. I would expect something back in trade for that education … perhaps seven years of discounted services for people who make less than $70,000 per year in Washington state.

– Lisa in Renton

Love for Dori

You are the King of Seattle talk radio. I just had to say that my wife and I have loved your show for over 13 years. She is a social worker from UW and she agrees with you. I was surprised. Her co-workers don’t agree. Dori, I spent many years on the roads, in the area but out of radio contact, and I always appreciated coming home to KIRO when we reconnected. Thank you for entertaining me for so many years. You, sir, are very talented.

– Dean in Lacey

I’ve been listening to you since the Pat Cashman days — and mail carriers listen to a lot of radio. I can’t believe how often I talk to friends and quote Dori Monson. Thanks, buddy. And go fishing again, I want to hear all about it.

– Ralph in Fall City

I’m a longtime listener but a first-time emailer. I enjoy your show … I have just been watching you live, and wanted to thank you for smiles and LOLs. Seeing you and the crew interact makes me laugh. Please tell Ursula she’s so sweet and always positive, just like my wife. Keep up the great radio!

– Todd in Marysville

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