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Dori: Gov. Inslee’s inconsistency, insanity

Monroe Correctional Facility (KIRO7)

Are we in the midst of a public health crisis or not?

Wednesday, criminals at the Monroe Correctional Facility threatened to set fires if some weren’t let out of prison because of COVID-19 concerns. Thursday, Inslee said he likely will let many of those criminals out early.

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First of all, do you know how tough it is to get sentenced to prison? Seattle’s most notorious repeat offender, Francisco Calderon, has been arrested 75 times, including several for assault. Even he can’t get sent to prison. The Monroe inmate are felons who have turned innocent people’s lives upside down.

Inslee says he’s going to release “non-violent offenders.” Oh, like people who have committed theft, burglary, arson, identity-theft?

Are these the people we want on the street during a health emergency? After you let them out, are they going to “stay-home, stay-healthy?”

Or are they going to be out committing more crimes and buying drugs? It’s tough to maintain social distancing when you’re receiving a dime-bag.

King County Executive Dow Constantine has released more than 600 King County jail prisoners in the last few weeks for the same reason. Meanwhile, burglaries in the Seattle Police Department’s West Precinct have gone up 83% in that same time frame. Coincidence?

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If we’re in a public health crisis, then every decision made by our politicians should be with that “crisis” as top priority. But when releasing criminals is more important than public health and safety, it’s gets tougher and tougher for law-abiding citizens to believe anything Jay and Dow say.

One final question: Governor, if I threaten to burn down my house, can I get out of my home-quarantine early?

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