Angela Poe Russell for Seattle’s open city council seat? ‘I’m considering it’

Nov 16, 2023, 6:18 AM | Updated: 7:47 am

Angela Poe Russell, center, sits next to Gee Scott, left, and producer Andrew Lanier as she fills i...

Angela Poe Russell, center, sits next to Gee Scott, left, and producer Andrew Lanier as she fills in for Ursula Reutin on The Gee and Ursula Show on Nov. 15, 2023. (Image: KIRO Newsradio livestream)

(Image: KIRO Newsradio livestream)

Teresa Mosqueda will be moving from the city council to the King County Council which means her seat needs to be filled. Angela Poe Russell confirmed on the Gee & Ursula Show Wednesday that her name has came up as a possible replacement.

“It is true that it is something being considered,” Angela, who filled in for Ursula Reutin Wednesday, said to host Gee Scott.

Angela noted it would be an appointed position to finish Mosqueda’s term and the new city council would have to vote to approve her appointment.

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She added that many people are being thought of for the role, but she is on the list.

“My name has come up. I’ve had people encourage me to consider and I’m considering it,” Angela said.

Gee thinks it’s a terrific idea and said he’s all for it.

“Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. The city of Seattle would benefit so much for having you on it,” Gee said.

Angela illustrates what she’d like to see from the council

Gee said Angela has often talked about the tone of the city council and he asked her what she meant by that. She started her response by saying she wants “everyone who has good ideas at the table” and added she wants to work out problems with the people she disagrees with. From there, she explained that she wanted to see more people working together for the better of the city.

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“Maybe we come up with solutions together that worked for the city.” Angela said. “We have some brilliant people in this region. Why not tap into that to solve some of our most challenging problems?”

When Gee asked Angela about things that stand out to her or what she thinks about when she goes to bed at night thinking about maybe taking that seat, she didn’t hesitate to share her thoughts  about how to improve the city.

“Can we clean this place up? she asked. “So when I go to bed at night I think about (getting back) to some basics.”

She then noted that the city got cleaned up when it hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game last summer. “Can this be maybe part of what we do?” she asked.

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Later, Gee brought the conversation back to the tone of the council and complimented Angela’s tone.

“I’m emotional. I’ll be hot. I want to go crazy on different topics,” Gee said. “But when I get around you, it makes me want to be more civil about topics and be more understanding.”

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Angela Poe Russell for Seattle’s open city council seat? ‘I’m considering it’