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NRA protest
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Taking on the NRA might be Trump’s perfect distraction

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

For media people who are fully-invested in our gun culture, the student demonstrations Saturday seemed to be a major micro-aggression.

Is the NRA’s worst fear about to come true?

It triggered a panic attack in some of them.

Various critics accused the students of being too young, too emotional, or way too angry in their criticism of the NRA, when all the NRA is trying to do is preserve the Second Amendment.

Except the NRA hasn’t preserved the Second Amendment so much as give it a complete re-write.  The current version leaves out the whole “well-regulated militia” part, and simply states “Americans have the right to play soldier with real guns.” All in the name of freedom, of course.

Except the price of that freedom appears to be that we have to patrol social media, turn in family members, arm teachers, practice active shooter lockdowns, install metal detectors, wear transparent backpacks — basically turn schools into airports. 

One day, the TSA will have to set up security at the end of your driveway.

But it’s still not too late. The president could follow his original instincts and take on the NRA. He could use his influence to make it just a little harder for untrained, unvetted, angry men to arm themselves like an enemy soldier.

And this would be the ideal time. It might even draw a little attention away from what happened in Lake Tahoe 12 years ago.

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