Dave Ross

Dave Ross hosts Seattle's Morning News on KIRO Newsradio weekdays from 5-9 a.m. Dave has won the national Edward R. Murrow Award for writing five times since he started at KIRO Radio in 1978.

Ross: Gov. Inslee’s bill to punish lying politicians may be asking for trouble

A growing number of reasonable people are questioning Governor Inslee’s bill (Senate Bill 5843) to punish lying politicians.
3 hours ago

Ross: It looks like the ‘tourists’ were up to something after all

Every American should read the Justice Department indictment of the Oath Keepers who participated in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.
3 days ago

Ross: Use inflation as motivation for a little portion control

If millions of people suddenly don’t need to buy so much food, by the law of supply and demand, food prices would have to go down.
4 days ago

Ross: Trust your legislature

If the day comes when a state legislature picks the president, at least we'll get to vote for the representatives who we trust to make the choice for us.
5 days ago

Ross: The best gift you can give to any child is to teach them to chill

I was grocery shopping and noticed a new sign in the window: “We are short staffed. PLEASE be kind to those who showed up. We are doing our very best.”
6 days ago

Ross: A very worried Canadian says American democracy is in crisis

The Jan. 6 anniversary again brought out the predictions that American democracy is in decline. And it appears that Canadians are especially worried.
7 days ago

Ross: Asking if you should vaccinate your kids is the wrong question

If the risk of side effects has you questioning whether to let your teenager get the vaccine, you need to question whether you should them get near a car.
10 days ago

Ross: Fundamental division in this country is not between left and right

The fundamental division in this country is between people who believe in solving differences politically, versus those willing to use violence.
11 days ago

Ross: Always have snacks in the car

Once a highway is closed, you’re on your own until the highway crews dig you out. Until then, no one else is coming to help you.
12 days ago

Ross: Why do we still bother with potty training?

Potty training sets up an expectation that you won’t need a diaper because there will always be a decent place to relieve yourself. But that's a lie.
13 days ago

Dave Ross holiday parody: Walkin’ with an iPhone in Your Hand

I feel the need to update the Christmas classics from time to time, so here’s the latest cut from my beloved holiday album.
25 days ago

Ross: Finally everybody agrees on what our COVID response should be

The main criticism of Joe Biden from Trump’s COVID guy Brett Giroir was that he didn’t go far enough, hinting that we might finally be on the same page.
26 days ago

Ross: Who gets to make the rules on aircraft safety?

When the FAA issues an airworthiness directive, that’s a serious thing. And the FAA has issued such an order concerning 5G networks.
27 days ago

Ross: Can we incentivize good behavior with money?

Given all the material incentives to do the wrong thing, why not fight back, and start rewarding people for good behavior?
28 days ago

A holiday song from Dave Ross for the eating season

This song is dedicated to everyone who finds that even without the usual Christmas parties, you’re still eating way too much holiday food.
1 month ago

Ross: Can Gov. Inslee’s plan to move beyond single-family zoning actually fix homeless crisis?

Gov. Inslee is embracing the free market theory of supply and demand: You want more affordable housing? Let developers work their magic.
1 month ago

Ross: Why the idea of ‘owning’ your car is a thing of the past

I understand people feel strongly that once you own the car, why should any feature suddenly stop working? But that notion is so last century.
1 month ago

Ross: The high cost of figuring out how to make our lives disaster-proof

There are ways to make your life disaster-proof … it’s just that once we see the cost, most of us accept that we’ll just have to take our chances.
1 month ago

Ross: Why not link the fast lane to driving skills?

I suggested sorting people into three lanes by their preferred driving speed, but what about a system that would link your lane to your driving skills?
1 month ago

Ross: The truth comes out behind bizarre conspiracy theory claiming birds aren’t real

It has been revealed that the “birds aren't real” conspiracy is actually a parody started by some guy who wanted to teach us all a lesson.
1 month ago

Ross: Letting Puget Sound region’s freeway drivers choose their speed

The main problem on the freeway is not so much the speed itself but the speed differential. What if we let each driver choose their speed?
1 month ago

Ross: AWS outage a reminder of how much control we’ve surrendered to technology

Russia may not be to blame for the Amazon Web Services outage, but I know they’re watching, and I’m worried they like what they see.
1 month ago

Ross: Seattle’s ‘block the box’ cameras could end up punishing the wrong drivers

Seattle will soon start using cameras to ticket drivers blocking intersections, but it might end up punishing law-abiding drivers for being unlucky.
1 month ago

Ross: The doorbells have made me paranoid

I suddenly became aware last week of the effect that this crowd-sourcing of security can have even on law-abiding citizens – by which I mean, me.
1 month ago