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Dave Ross hosts Seattle's Morning News on KIRO Newsradio weekdays from 5-9 a.m. Dave has won the national Edward R. Murrow Award for writing five times since he started at KIRO Newsradio in 1978.

Ross: An odyssey of awe, a leaky ceiling and the power of self-confidence

Three weeks ago, Colleen and I interviewed researcher Dacher Keltner on the subject of Awe – which he defines as follows.
4 days ago

Ross: Ticketmaster’s monopoly challenged in congressional hearing

Members of a Senate committee – Republican and Democrat seemed to agree at yesterday’s hearing that Ticketmaster has become a monopoly.
5 days ago

Ross: Republicans know their spending cuts are unpopular

Have Republicans specified what it is they would cut that's a big enough spending item to make a difference in the debt?
6 days ago

Ross: A big, trillion dollar platinum coin can solve the debt crisis

A $1 trillion coin obviously has no practical use – my barista won’t take a fifty – but it would instantly put debt below the current limit.
7 days ago

Ross: Finland’s affordable housing strategy could work here too

You can’t make a profit building low-income housing and providing support services to the residents, but one Finland resident found a way.
10 days ago

Ross: The coffee jitters are the least anxious part of my morning brew

Is it environmentally responsible to make your morning coffee with a single-use coffee pod? Dave dives into the data.
11 days ago

Ross: Can ChatGPT be trusted not to take over the government?

In my best effort to stop "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" from happening, I decided to confront ChatGPT about any nefarious plans. 
12 days ago

Ross: New homeless shelters should be built around Sea-Tac Airport

When you’re on the final approach to SEA you can still see the abandoned streets of the neighborhoods that used to be south of the runways
12 days ago

Ross: AI recognizes the need to regulate itself, why don’t we?

ChatGPT could manipulate our political process because of its ability to generate millions of deeply-researched responses in seconds.
13 days ago

Ross: The MLK speech you hardly ever hear about

MLK worked closely with President Johnson during the Civil Rights movement, but had a falling out over a speech regarding the Vietnam War.
14 days ago

Ross: AI ChatGPT gets defensive when you correct its mistakes

Use it at your own risk because I can prove that AI does indeed make mistakes, and it gets defensive if you try to hold it accountable.
18 days ago

Ross: Worried about balloning government budgets? Get involved

I know that many of us are mystified as to why it takes so much money to run a government, any government.
19 days ago

Ross: Classified documents found in Biden’s office sounds familiar

President Biden – who was critical of Donald Trump for spiriting classified documents to Mar-a-Lago – now has his own document problem
20 days ago

Ross: Honest representatives get elected when voters want honesty

When voters want competent, honest representation, they will check to ensure they are voting for competent honest candidates.
21 days ago

Ross: This speaker election is some of the most spirited debate in years

For those wondering why some are so determined to keep McCarthy from becoming Speaker – I heard a passionate argument from a Congressman.
24 days ago

Ross: Drones used in Ukraine invasion use western chips

Here’s the latest lesson to come out of the war in Ukraine –– anything you invent can and will be used against you.
25 days ago

Ross: House speaker vote isn’t ‘chaos,’ this is just democracy in action

I was riveted by the vote for speaker of the House, especially when I saw the headline, 'Chaos in GOP after McCarthy loses third speaker vote'
26 days ago

Ross: Remembering Dori Monson, who touched a lot of lives

One of the stories I hadn't heard -- a clip for a talk show Dori did many years ago - was a call from 9-year-old Casey.
27 days ago

Ross: Zelenskyy’s speech to Congress has historic influences

"Against all odds, and doom and gloom scenarios. Ukraine didn't fall. Ukraine is alive and kicking," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.
1 month ago

Ross: The secret to Trump’s success could be released with his tax returns

It took four years of due process, but Congress has voted to release the last six years of Donald Trump’s tax returns.
1 month ago

Ross: People moving downtown could make the commute easier

The pandemic got a lot of office workers hooked on the commute-free life. So companies need to eliminate the commute!
1 month ago

Ross: Rating how useful feedback surveys are anyway

Nines and tens count as passing, but anything below nine is considered failing. Have a nice rest of your day.
1 month ago

Ross: Can AI software solve Seattle’s graffiti problem?

I talked with the computer to see if AI really is the future to see if it could solve the persistent problems of Seattle, including graffiti.
1 month ago

Ross: The Troyer trial and why people see what they experience

An emotional lava flowing just below the surface, as long as our go-to reaction is “when in doubt think the worst” – I predict more eruptions.
1 month ago