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Dave Ross hosts Seattle's Morning News on KIRO Newsradio weekdays from 5-9 a.m. Dave has won the national Edward R. Murrow Award for writing five times since he started at KIRO Newsradio in 1978.

Ross: Let the rich pay the exorbitant ‘luxury lane’ toll prices

The new higher tolls for solo drivers in the luxury lane are hitting the $15 maximum every rush hour, all to save exactly three minutes of driving.
7 days ago

Ross: If popularity creates immunity, maybe the ‘Belltown Hellcat Bandit’ should run for president

A lot of completely normal Americans believe Trump should have gone free, and he probably will because of his popularity.
14 days ago

Ross: Living defensively has its limits when facing ‘forever chemicals’

The trouble is that "living defensively" has its limits – as we heard when 3M lost control of its "forever chemicals."
25 days ago

Ross: If you hope the government will save kids from social media, think again

Social media firm TikTok must sell itself to a non-Chinese company, or it goes dark in the U.S. But that law is headed straight to court.
28 days ago

Ross: Social media companies must be responsible for content they broadcast

A phone call takes place between those who agree to talk. But a message posted on social media where anyone can see it? That's a broadcast.
1 month ago

Ross: Gov. Kristi Noem’s new book includes alleged meetings with dictators, dead dogs

Did South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as she claims in her new book?
1 month ago

Ross: We built it, and they had better come

About 17,500 people attended the opening of the Eastside light rail line. It shows a curiosity about getting to Redmond without driving there.
2 months ago

Ross: Does the right to protest outweigh the right to learn?

When does a protest cross the line? I can answer that. When it devolves into violence, obviously it crosses a line.
2 months ago

Ross: Tracking employees’ vital signs at work via privacy pods, what could go wrong?

I saw a Bloomberg story about the latest innovation to reduce your stress level at work: Privacy pods.
3 months ago

Ross: Are we killing car culture? Or is car culture killing the US?

I don’t think the question is whether we're going to "kill" our car culture. The real question is can we stop our car culture from killing the U.S.?
3 months ago

Ross: As cars release driving data to insurance, is your driving my business?

Every move you make, every swerve you take, every lane change you fake – someone’s watching you. Do drivers have a right to keep driving data private?
3 months ago

Dave Ross: Dueling accusations swirl around The State of the Union. Who’s right?

Senator Britt then described the woman's horrible ordeal and falsely drew a direct line to Joe Biden's decision to allow asylum seekers into the country.
3 months ago

Ross: Rent control was never the answer in Wash.

The rent control bill died in the Washington State Legislature this week, even though Democrats control both houses.
4 months ago

Ross: Conservative activist earns applause for pledging an ‘end of Democracy’

The theme from Jack Posobiec's speech is that Jan. 6 was a righteous attack not on democracy, but on those who threaten democracy.
4 months ago

Ross: Voters can help cull bad politicians from the herd early

Let's remember that just about every occupant of a higher office once occupied a lower office, and was put there by us, Dave Ross says.
4 months ago

Ross: The NFL does it again

The NFL once again put on a show that was able to keep me tuned in for four hours even though I had no stake in either team.
4 months ago

Ross: Is the Wild West of social media over after Senate hearing?

The original social media business model was genius -- get ordinary people to create content for free, sell ads and give the content creators a cut.
5 months ago

Ross: Initiatives will be the stars of November ballot

The November ballot will have a lot more than a presidential race and an open race for Governor.
5 months ago

Ross: Boeing has become a punchline

The Saturday Night Live skit spooking Boeing was brutal.
5 months ago

Ross: South Africa, Israel cry genocide, but who is right?

The International Court of Justice takes up the accusation of genocide. But which genocide?
5 months ago

Ross: Seahawks culture that had worked for so long, fell apart

A lot of people knew for a long time that there were problems in the Seahawks locker room.
5 months ago

Ross: I declare this the year of the Cars and Stripes

I do a pretty good job of staying in my lane once I get to work, but staying in my lane on the road is getting harder and harder.
5 months ago

Ross: Are gas prices really the problem?

Gas prices aren't the problem, C02 is.
5 months ago

Ross: No playoffs for the Seattle Seahawks, but so what?!

In the final two minutes, the Seahawks channeled the Husky playbook.
5 months ago