Dave Ross

Dave Ross hosts Seattle's Morning News on KIRO Radio weekdays from 5-9 a.m. Dave has won the national Edward R. Murrow Award for writing five times since he started at KIRO Radio in 1978.

Ross: Did you vote for I-976 car tab cuts in 2019? Wish granted

While a vaccine mandate cost the ferry system 7% of its staff, let’s remember this is happening in a state that was ready to impose bigger cuts two years ago.
13 hours ago

Ross: May we live long and prosper with our vaccine choices

Talk show host Dennis Praeger decided to put it all on the line to prove he’s right about vaccines.
2 days ago

Ross: The troubling downside behind megawatts of crypto-power

Power plants feeding Bitcoin miners will create jobs, but they’ll do it by pumping CO2 into the air in service of creating more of the currency.
3 days ago

Ross: The real reason people don’t want to return to work

The extra unemployment benefits were cut off in September and most states elected not to continue them. Yet, millions of workers are still holding out.
6 days ago

Ross: Shatner’s emotional response over trip to space exactly what we needed to hear

Space travel is a trip that every billionaire who thinks he’s a master of the universe needs to take as soon as possible.
7 days ago

Ross: Choosing the fully-vaccinated airline that makes you feel safest

Two airlines – Southwest and American –both based in Texas, have decided to stick with their plans to require employees to get vaccinated.
8 days ago

Ross: Down the rabbit hole as TikTok challenges take on life of their own

Just remember kids, you’re responsible for your conduct no matter what website put you up to it, whether it's TikTok or somewhere else.
9 days ago

Ross: The Facebook algorithm is your friend

Facebook’s vice president of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, was on the Sunday shows – promising that Facebook has gotten the message.
10 days ago

Ross: Ex-NBA fraudsters demonstrate the only thing more painful than a root canal

It was just a footnote on the evening news -- the arrests of several ex-NBA players for cheating on their health insurance.
13 days ago

Ross: King County race shows what happens when politics get nasty

When I see someone I’ve worked with slimed in a political ad, I have to say something.
14 days ago

Ross: Smother them with niceness on Facebook

Suppose we use the more evolved part of our brains to spread stories that celebrate unity, healing, truth, reassurance, and reconciliation?
15 days ago

Ross: Facebook chose to make more money

We can’t punish Facebook for wanting to make more money, can we? That’s what successful companies are supposed to do.
16 days ago

Ross: Seattle Mariners did something no team has done in 20 years

Congratulations to the Mariners for putting themselves back on the map and achieving something that no baseball team has achieved in at least 20 years.
17 days ago

Ross: Child care is holding up the vote on the Build Back Better Bill

As I’ve said many times, it would save the country a lot of aggravation if people who don’t want programs intended to benefit them would step up and say so.
20 days ago

Ross: Would you live next to poor people?

During last night’s debate between the two candidates for Mayor of Seattle the issue of zoning came up. But neither candidate really touched on why this is a sensitive issue for people who live in single-family neighborhoods.
21 days ago

Ross: Do I dare give my heart to a robot again?

Here comes Amazon with a robot called Astro – named after the Jetsons' dog. Do I get this, or wait until they design one that can hug me and lick my face?
22 days ago

Ross: Beware, politicians, of the lost cause

America is days away from a shutdown, a self-inflicted default, and the last chance to pass bills that will determine whether Joe Biden is relevant or not.
23 days ago

Ross: Almost back to normal weekends

This weekend had highs, it had lows, and it was almost possible to entertain the thought that things are getting back to normal.
24 days ago

Ross: You have the freedom to fly, or to stay home

When you enter an airport, you give up your freedom. Everybody knows this. If you don’t like it, exercise your freedom to stay home.
27 days ago

Ross: The wealthiest nation in history is again toying with the idea of not paying its bills

The debt drama is going down to the wire. The warnings are flying, the air is thick with blame – but I remind myself that this is how it’s supposed to work.
28 days ago

Ross: Now we know what they were planning

On Monday, it was revealed why former President Donald Trump had every reason to believe he would win the 2020 election.
29 days ago

Ross: You get a lawsuit, and you get a lawsuit

The way the Texas law is written, Dr. Braid could be sued hundreds of times, and sued successfully, since he’s basically confessed to providing an abortion.
30 days ago

Ross: Convincing billionaires that Earth is more exciting than space

Instead of trying to tax billionaires, why not find a way to motivate them to want to spend their money on something besides just space?
1 month ago

Ross: The war on school bathrooms

Kids are vandalizing school bathrooms and posting their mischief on TikTok as some bathroom challenge. Soap dispensers, sinks, and toilets are gone.
1 month ago