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  • autobahn

    Ross: What could go wrong on a freeway with no speed limits?

    A California state senator wants to have freeway lanes with no speed limits, like the German Autobahn. He argues it would lessen congestion and make traffic better.
  • Bill Weld

    Ross: A Republican jumps in to challenge President Trump

    Bill Weld, a Republican, has stepped up to challenge President Trump. He wants to fight socialism of the Democrats, but will first have to face Republicans suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.
  • TSA, wall

    Ross: Hey politicians, off with your shoes!

    A little light reading through some proposed Congressional bills reveals some very interesting points about the controversial "wall," and how political leaders may be forced to travel like the rest of us.
  • Trump, emergency declaration

    Trump declares emergency over the wall: What happens now?

    Whether it's from the courts or from Congress, action against President Trump's emergency declaration over a border wall is likely. It's also likely that officials from Washington will take part.
  • anti-semitism, antisemitism

    Ross: The line between criticizing Israel and antisemitism

    Where is the line between criticizing a government, or policies, and antisemitism? One politician recently learned. And if it sounds confusing, that's because it is.
  • Bezos

    McKenna: What Enquirer did to Bezos could count as blackmail

    The threat posed by the National Enquirer, and its owner AMI, to Amazon's Jeff Bezos could certainly count as blackmail, according to former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna.
  • Valentine

    Ross: A Valentine’s Day poem for my valentine

    Roses are red, and violets not quite. But that’s not their fault, so I guess it’s all right. I am writing this card, but not sure I should send it, before I come up with a way to defend it.
  • border wall

    Ross: Why not just say the magic words to fund the wall?

    We need political pundits to collude and say a few magic words that will get the president to finally accept a funding package, even if it includes a slice for his border wall.
  • rich

    Ross: Taxing the rich? That’s one question too many

    What question could make you walk out of the room? For Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, it involves taxes and rich people.
  • Kavanaugh, yearbooks

    Ross: Why are school yearbooks suddenly fair game?

    So why are school yearbooks suddenly fair game? It seems that the modern revelations of Brett Kavanaugh's and Governor Northam's yearbooks have something in common.
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