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Covington, viral video
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  • Covington, viral video

    Ross: Once again, we let the online virus get to us

    The recent reminder that until science can develop a vaccine, sharing a viral video is wildly unhygienic. You can't always trust what you see on social media.
  • football, politics

    Ross: Football is like American politics without shutting down the stadium

    I came to a realization while watching the NFL playoffs. Football is a lot like politics -- two sides, trying to move the ball one way or the other. But how often do you seem them shut down the stadium?
  • census

    McKenna: Does including citizenship question hurt census?

    Former state Attorney General Rob McKenna discusses the Trump administration's move to include a question about citizenship on the 2020 census.
  • Microsoft

    Why Microsoft is earmarking $500M to help solve homelessness, affordable housing

    Microsoft President Brad Smith tells KIRO Radio why the company is dedicating $500 million toward homelessness and affordable housing solutions. The threat of a Seattle head tax wasn't part of the inspiration.
  • shutdown

    Ross: America’s bureaucracy is no longer faceless

    It’s an American tradition to rant against the bureaucracy. It’s the perfect target. But it turns out this bureaucracy has a face. And the government shutdown is showing them to us.
  • Border Safety

    Ross: The Great American Border Safety Shutdown

    I forget how long we've been in the Great American Border Safety Shutdown. But it's been a while. Not only that, it's been costing us all a lot of money.
  • masculinity

    Ross: Can Gillette really shave your masculinity?

    A new Gillette ad promotes that men should correct other men's bad masculinity, such as cat calling. But of course, it has only prompted men to behave badly in response.
  • shutdown

    Ross: Can private companies step in when America’s leaders go AWOL

    Shutdown negotiations continue to fail, straining America's operations and costing the economy. Perhaps this is an opportune time to test an old debate -- let private companies take over government functions.
  • profit motive, health care

    How Inslee plans to pay for and operate Cascade Care

    Governor Jay Inslee announced an effort to establish Cascade Care in Washington, a new public option for health care. But how do they plan to pay for it?
  • national emergency

    Ross: Why we should embrace a national emergency over the wall

    Trump could declare a national emergency over his desire for a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Before you protest, maybe this is not such a bad idea.
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