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  • Ron and Don

    A heartfelt thanks to our ‘Ron and Don Show’ listeners

    The more I thought about the new year, the more I realized that what I really wanted to do is to just take a minute to thank all of you for listening to our show.
  • holiday gifts

    Give experiences, not gifts this holiday season

    Why do we subject ourselves to the gift-giving ritual and what is gift-giving supposed to mean? Why not opt for the gift of experiences?
  • coffee

    Author thanks 1,000 people who contributed to his morning coffee

    In his new book, "Thanks a Thousand" AJ Jacobs thanks everyone from his barista to the rubber growers who make the rubber for the tires that drive the truck that delivers the coffee beans to the cafe.
  • Shower Thoughts: Favorite stuff of 2018 edition

    It's Wednesday, let's do some Shower Thoughts, shall we? And no, do NOT think of me in the shower, that's weird.
  • Discovery Park Fort Lawton

    Seattle’s Discovery Park could be latest locale for low-income housing

    After going dormant for a while, a decade-old low-income housing plan is back on the front burner for Discovery Park's Fort Lawton area.
  • Mars

    Billionaire CEOs aren’t cut out for a trip to Mars

    No offense to the CEOs of Tesla and Boeing, but both of these guys would be dead within days of landing on Mars, despite their claims to the contrary. Who are they trying to kid?
  • XFL Seattle

    Can the XFL actually sell itself to a reluctant Seattle?

    I'm sure by now you've heard that there's a new NHL team coming to Seattle. But do you also have room in your sports brain for 10 more professional football games? The XFL thinks so.
  • shower thoughts

    Shower Thoughts: Ready to hit the slopes

    You know what Wednesday means? Besides humpday. Yes, it's time for Shower Thoughts: the random things that pop into my head in the shower.
  • wish cycling, recycle, recycling

    Is recycling as we know it about to die in 2019?

    We officially have almost four months until that blue recycling bin is all but rendered useless, and unless something changes quickly, recycling as we know it is about to die.
  • Rapper Dessa attempts to heal a broken heart by healing her brain with neuroscience

    Desperate to get over her ex, Dessa tried a therapy called neurofeedback. She got hooked up to electrodes, monitored her own brain activity, and attempted to change unwanted thought patterns.
  • Christmas holiday blues

    How to beat the blues during the loneliest time of year

    Welcome to December, everybody. It's the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be one of the most lonely and alienating too.
  • Anchorage earthquake

    Is Anchorage earthquake sign of what’s to come for Seattle?

    Anchorage, Alaska was rocked by a 7.0 earthquake Friday morning, and with the Northwest region primed for a quake of its own, it provided us with an interesting glimpse into what could be coming sooner rather than later.
  • Prop bets in Las Vegas

    Would you lock yourself in a dark bathroom for a month for $100,000?

    The world of prop bets is as lucrative as it is bizarre. The latest has two men betting that one can't stay locked in a pitch-black bathroom for a month, and there's a whole lot on the line.
  • uw contraception

    UW Medicine is testing a new male contraceptive that men will want to use

    UW School of Medicine's Dr. William Bremner says there hasn't been a new form of male contraception in 200 years and surveys show men are willing to use it.
  • United States Supreme Court

    Will the Supreme Court be forced to give away half of Oklahoma?

    Lawyers for an accused murderer have presented evidence that 111 years ago, the Congress of the United States forgot to disestablish the Creek Nation Tribe and its sovereignty.
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